New to the forum and want some advice

Hi, my name is Joanne, my dad has parkinsons.. hes been officially diagnosed for about 6 yrs.. but they did mess about testing him for one thing and another for a year or 2 before this. Anyway hes now on his 2nd stint in hospital after falling at home. But over the last week hes been in, weve just seen him going down hill.. he just wants to go home which obviously he cant. He wont take his medication.. hes getting very aggressive and last night he was being abusive to us. I just dont know what to do... i dont know what i should be asking the nurses.. to me he shouldnt be in this ward.. there is absolutely nothing on this ward.. hes staring at a wall.. so i understand his frustration in wanting to go home. But that is just not an option as he can hardly walk even with a zimmerframe. Im dreading going tonight if im honest :(
i'm sorry to say i have no advice, just saying how sorry i feel for your awful situation.
I'm so sorry for your situation. Does your father have a Parkinson's nurse, or is there one based at the hospital? If so they may be able to help. Or you could try the Helpline (number is on top left hand side of page).

Please let us know how you get on.

Hi Jogeary I'm so sorry t to hear about your father.He is obviously very being where he is .Has there been any communication between you and the find out why he's suddenly acting like he is.,Are they talking to you at all.?if you feel that he isn't on the right ward ,you need to ask to speak to the ward manager or above to explain things to you .Have you asked your father what his main concern is,? I know it's hard for you at this time ,I'msure your father doesn't mean to be abusiive.just frustrated maybe that no one is listening. If you are still not happy ,go to P. A. L. S or ring PUK help line Best wishes
Hi, I am in a similar position with my mum. She is currently in hospitsl snd is experiencing delusions and hilusinations. She has said some very unkind things and has been aggressive but I know that she doen't mean it because my mum would never say those things. She has been placed on an elederly ward where the nurses speak to he like she a child, she is 63 and knows what is going on. The people caring for her have no knowledge of Parkinsons or how to comfort her. I am regularly called in to help calm her down. It is very fustrating and upsetting. I hope your dad gets the care he needs to return home soon x
Hi Bluecat

I'm no medic but all of the thing you mantion can be side effects of PD drugs
I am 73 and have been dx four years and as far as I know it is not the norm to
deteriorate as fast as it seems your mother has. Having said that anxiety and/or depression is quite common amongst Parkinsons patients and may or may not be drug related. Even a urine infection can produce confusion in the elderly.

I am assuming that being dx at the age of 59, your mother is under the care of a neurologist (not a geriatrician) - ideally one specialising in movement disorders - and I also wonder if she has a Parkinsons specialist nurse in her area. The helpline above 0808 800 0303 will be able to tell you. As her condition has taken a sudden turn for the worse, it would be quite in order to ask for a earlier consultation with the neuro and/or the PD nurse with a view to reviewing her medication regime. A direct phone call to the neurologist wouldn't do any harm. You are quite right the hospitals don't usually kmow much about PD. Are you sure your mother is getting her drugs and getting them on time?

Best wishes