New to the Forum - Hello

Hi Everyone
I'm new to the forum and wanted to say hello. My Mother in law has Parkinson's and has had it for 10+ years. My Father in law has Alzheimer's so you could say we have our hands full. I'm hoping to get some good advice as I suspect my mother in law is showing signs of dementia but I'm also wondering if it's just her medications. She has recently been put on anti dizziness medication and seems to be worse; hallucinations, whispery voice, unable to follow conversations, poor memory etc. but it's not all the time - just now and again. Very strange - advice?
Many thanks
HI, I agree, you do seem to have your hands full. But, you have come to the right place and I am certain you can get the advice that you need. I am not sure I could give you that advice as I am not qualified to . But don't worry I have never failed to find the help I have needed.

But I saw your post and decided it would be nice to offer the hand of friendship and welcome you to the forum. So welcome. and I am sure it will not be long before someone is able to give you all the advice you need.
Hi there
Sorry to say that I agree when you say you have your hands full. It is true though when they say that you can always find someone worse off. Its very true about pd - no two people are affected the same. Why not have a chat with your pd nurse or ring the parkinsons help line, I am sure one of those will be able to help. Do not forget though that if things start to get a little heavy for you, you can always come onto the forum for a little comfort etc. Keep smiling all the best
Thank you Blue Angel and Chunky. It was nice to get a reply. It's a really tricky situation - my husband and his brother are head in the sand boys and they are waiting for their Mum (pd) to decide she is ready to move either closer to us or into accommodation with care. Unfortunately I'm not sure she is now able to make that decision as she also has strokes and I'm so scared she will have an attack and her husband has Alzheimer's and isn't capable of understanding that she's poorly and need an ambulance. I've rationally tried to reason with my husband but it's such an emotive subject that we all argue and it's upsetting as nothing changes! My mum goes and provides care but we all live a good 50miles away so it's knackering to say the least and my husband misses time with our 18month old baby as we take turns to visit. It's all a bit sad. The boys need to make the decision but they don't want to. So hard!!!