New to the forum! Hi!

Hi to you too Gerbera-girl. I see from your profile you're quite an old hand at this PD lark. You'll be an asset to those like me who've yet to reach our second birthdays.

Stay as well as you can.


Hi gerbera - girl. How are you managing your parkinsons now? I have had PD for 10 years but only dx 3 years ago.What advice do you have for us ?

Best wishes Neenag x

Welcome to the forum, Gerbera-girl!

I've had PD a long time, too.  Though diagnosed in 2002, I've had it at least 17 years now.  Tracing your case back to your teens is remarkable!  (Not lucky, you understand, but remarkable)  I hope your case is developing slowly; we all have certain things in common yet experience differences as well, particularly in rate of development and age of onset.

For me, medications have kept the symptoms under control.  All I can add to that is a positive attitude and lots of exercise on a regular basis.

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Sorry....I chickened out of the forum after posting but I am gradually getting my head around the fact that just because I'm talking to others about my PD doesn't mean that my PD is owning me!!

Generally I'm pretty lucky that my array of meds controls my symptoms and I'm told that my condition is far from evident to anyone watching me. As a self conscious person, this is music to my ears and long may it continue. I am having to pace myself a lot more though these days;I've dropped hours at work and negotiated a later start to my working day as lack of sleep is an issue. I also seem to go down with every bug going around....I put it down to the fact that my bodies already fighting PD so it hasn't got as much strength to fight viruses etc....does anyone else find the same problem?

Welcome back!

Our cases are similar -- long-term PD but still appearing "normal" thanks to meds.   I'm very self-conscious also and will have to be sure that when my symptoms do become evident, I do not retire to my home and hide from the world.  In answer to your last question, yes.  I have found that I absolutely must get at least seven hours' sleep every night to have any energy the next day and to have strength enough to fend off whatever virus is going around.  To me, everything you said sounds typical!

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P.S. -- In reference to your opening comments, I think that in participating in this forum, you are not letting the disease own you or your life.  Really, you are fighting it with one more weapon: the emotional support of other pwp.

J that's really interesting that our cases are so similar and makes me feell less alone so thanks for sharing! x

By the way, sorry that I'm not very constant on is so busy and I keep forgetting about the forum. When I do come on though I always leave feeling slightly better. 

I'm happy to share and support anyone newly diagnosed or otherwise....I've been dealing with PD a long time now and although far from being an expert I think that sharing, offloading or any other communication is helpful in dealing with our disease. I'm far better at being a supporter than being supported and hope I can continue this way for many years to come lol