New to the Forum

Hi, I’m Donna. We had suspected for a couple of years that my 86 dad had Parkinsons but he has only been properly diagnosed in the last 4 months. My husbands grandfather suffered many years ago, so had voiced his suspicions and he has an insight into what the future holds. Dad has always been very healthy and continues to work in his own business, although this is at a minimum now. My mum is 85 but not very mobile. Mentally, they are both pretty sharp but both stubborn and neither want to lose control of what happens in their life. I am trying to make adjustments to their living arrangements to make life easier and safer but I do come up against a great deal of resistance. Dad also seems to be very anxious about everything, but never has been in the past. I am guessing this is going to be the norm now ? I work full time but have no children so things are manageable at present. I have 2 surviving brothers, my eldest brother died 18 months ago, but my parents only seem to want me to do things for them. Not complaining at all as they have done enough for me over the years. Hoping the forum will be a good source of support and suggestions.