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Hi all, unsure I am posting the correct section, apologies if it’s in the wrong place, looking for a starting place and a friend suggested joining a forum. I’m starting a medication called sinemet following appointment with a neurologist and a dat scan, feeling a little anxious as totally not prepared for the outcome of the conversation. I start on a tablet once a day for week 1 and then week 2 increase to 2 and week 3 to 3 and see how my symptoms manage, is this how it works, unsure what questions to ask all a bit of an argh moment :worried: thank you

Hi @AnaElsa and welcome to the forum! I started with a similar regime to yours on sinemet last summer and it has worked well for me with no noticeable side effects. It’s worth taking a bit of time to explore the information on this website, especially the “Newly Diagnosed” section but the main thing is to allow yourself time to get used to the diagnosis and not to rush into any major changes immediately. Any questions then post them here and I’m sure there are lots of people who can offer advice!


Welcome AnaElsa,
Not the club anyone want to join but a very friendly one. I have been diagnosed for 14 months now and I still cant get my head around it!
My advice is find out who your community PD nurse is and if there are any local support groups in your area. PD nurses are your bridge between you and your consultant.
I am still working, well will be in September when we return to school!
i have also found keeping yourself as fit as possible is so beneficial, yoga, swimming anything that suits you.
Take it slowly and let the diagnosis settle in your mind.
We are all here to help and listen.
Annie x

Thank you Clare I have had a look at some of the conversation threads and can so relate to many of the posts, so much to take in thank you again :smile:

Hia thank you for your reply, I know very little at the moment other than the discussion before the scan it could be PD then had the dat scan and going to start this med to see if improves my symptoms. I try to walk most days, a bit of gardening too. Thank you for the advice I will look into finding a local support group,appreciated:)

Dear AnnaElsa. I agree with the advice given. What you don’t want to do is Google it as that will scare the hell out of you (I know it did me). Very helpful members on this forum.

Take care