New to the Forum

Hi, my name is Linton.

I joined ParkinsonsUK in November 2011, as I felt that I needed support and advice.

I am currently caring for my mother, who was diagnosed with Parkinson's about 18 months ago. My home is in the UK, but I came to South Africa to give my mother the care and kindness she needed.

As I have been off work for 22 years with M.E., I have found full-time caring VERY exhausting. I eventually had to accept that the task was too overwhelming, especially with the terrible heat and humidity here in Durban.

My mother had a very tough time over Christmas and the New Year when she was hospitalised for 16 days, and during ten of these days she was in a near coma. It was a VERY worrying time, as I did not understand what was happening, and the neurologist was unable to explain. An MRI scan, and other tests, did not enlighten the situation. Has anyone else heard of such an extreme deterioration in a patient's condition?

To this day, I have no idea as to WHY my mother collapsed with what I thought, and the ambulance paramedics thought, was a T.I.A.

Since her discharge from hospital, I have had some help with caring for my mother, which gives me some respite in order to go to Bible Study on Friday mornings, and to church on Sunday mornings.

I am happy to say, that after 3 months, my mother is a lot better, and has also responded well to an Alzheimer's drug. This is a huge relief.
Hello Linton and welcome to the forum.

You have been through a lot what with your own health and your Mother's. I am so pleased to read your Mother is responding well with new medication, that must be a load off your mind to see a difference in her. I am also glad to read you have a carer for your Mother which allows you time to do what you like to do.

Please keep posting and lettings us know how you are both doing.

May your God bless you both.
Radz x
HI my name is carlos im 44 and i was dianosed with parkinson december 19th 2011.[::sad:
A warm welcome to you Lindon. I am sorry to hear of your mother's deterioration but very pleased to hear that she is battling on and is back home. PD is such an up and down condition and deterioration can often be very swift. I was diagnosed 12 years ago and had a steady deterioration for many years, however last year I simply got up one morning and I had the worse day ever. I thought it would pass and that I was having a down day, it was not to be and my condition remains poor. I couldn't believe how quickly it happened, so I do fully understand what you mean when you say that your mothers downward spiral shocked you. I wonder if others have had similar experiences?

Take care.
Hi Linton I am also a newbie on here and carer for my husband diagnosed only in November so still getting our heads around everything. You seem to have your own illness to cope with as well as Mum's but I am so glad she is responding to treatment which must have been very worrying for you. Look forward to meeting you on forums more often.

Welcome Linton.

Carlos, your very short message is very evocative. Parkinson's is a condition you have to learn to live with. Many good things come along as a result of it but it is up to you and you alone how you decide to deal with it. In the meantime we are all here for you and will do everything in our power to point you in the right direction.
Morning Linton...

... my goodness, you've had a basinful!!... but a warm welcome and be assured, as you've already seen from responses to your 'post', you won't be alone when you're here...

My name is David.. age 66 (but hopefully a young 66!).. diagnosed Jan'y 2011 (but now realise things were as they should have been for a little while before that)...
But like I found, the Forum is warm and welcoming - and, by the way, the Advice HelpLine people are 'magic' - don't spend ages fretting if there's something you're concerned about.. it can be so counter-productive.. especially when their support is 'second to none'... and for friendship??.. as the song says 'now you've found us never let us go!'... there will always be someone here for you..

Must try and turn in now - not easy.. bed full of cats (as well as lovely wife!)
Just a very quick response to all those who welcomed me on to the Forum.
I really appreciated that, and will respond further when I have more time, and energy.
(Recovering from a four day migraine at present.)

Yes, Parkinson's is a very difficult illness, and my 85 year old mother really misses her independence and lack of mobility.

The Forum is an incredible way to keep in touch with people who really empathise, and I value the existence of this facility! Thank you.
Hi Linton, I lived in RSA for many years, enjoyed the Durbs beach, what a nice place ! Great to know you have a strong Faith, keep proclaiming Matt 8:17 till the shackels fall off. That's what I'm pressing on with, and I believe for it passionately. Miracles do happen ! never give up !!!!! Cheers, Francois.
It is nearly 3 weeks since I first wrote to the Forum, and I have taken all this time to reply. Every day seems to be so busy, caring for my mother, and coping with my own chronic illness.

Thanks, Francois, for your message.
I have looked up the Matthew 8 verse you quoted, and thank you for it.
Yes, I have a strong faith, and am absolutely positive that we have experienced our own miracle since my mother's dreadful 10 day coma like state, in December 2011 and January 2012.

My mother has improved in so many ways, and the physiotherapy which I do with her, every day, has REALLY helped. She can get in and out of her wheelchair, her bed and the car, with only my help, whereas before she needed TWO people to assist her. She is brighter and more cheerful, and has even resumed reading. (The latter is a HUGE step forward.)

I was battling to read to her every day, as my voice became more hoarse, cracked, and painful than it has been for the past 22 years. (Due to my underactive thyroid and M.E.) I saw an E.N.T. specialist last week, and he did a flexible endoscopy which showed that I have very thickened vocal cords, and have been straining my voice by reading aloud to my mother. I now have to have 3 WEEKS voice rest. No talking, unless necessary, and definitely NO SINGING at Bible Study or at church!

Best of all, the E.N.T. specialist told me about the Rehabilation Centre at a local hospital, where my mother's Parkinson's can be assessed, and I can be shown how to help her even more than I do now. Isn't that an answer to prayers? Wow!
Thank you to Radar47 for your reply to my introduction.

Good News! I have been able to cancel the help of a nurse who was assisting my mother on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, as my mother no longer needs professional nursing.
Instead someone else helps me with bed bathing, and other needs, on weekday mornings.

So things are improving! I even take my mother to Bible Study on Friday mornings,which is an incredible improvement.....being able to get ther, concentrate, and enjoy the company of friends afterwards.
This is a VERY BELATED "thank you" to Bursardavid for his welcome friendliness and advice. I really appreciated that.

When thinking of your message, I always remember the very clear picture of you going to bed, with your wife and all the cats. It makes me happy when I come across a fellow cat-lover, as these darling little furry felines always bring great joy to our lives.

I am currently caring for my mother in her Durban flat, where pets are not allowed, but it would enhance both our pleasures in life if we could adopt a furry friend to love and care for.

Instead, when my mother is able to go on an outing, we go to the Durban SPCA where we have lunch at the COFFEE CATS CAFE and spend our time with delightful "yard cats" who are not sold, but who are always willing to come for a cuddle on a lap, or lie alongside one on a sofa.

I seriously believe that time spent with cats is to be treasured.