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Hello, I’m Penny and i’m new to the forum. My husband was diagnosed 9 years ago and is now in advanced stage Parkinson’s. We are both 57 and I am finding it quite difficult to cope with the change to our lives, and the massive change in his personality. He has taken early retirement, but I work full time. At present both our adult (20s) children are at home, and they help a lot, but i am still woken several times a night, and am really struggling with tiredness. He needs a lot of help with washing, dressing, getting out of chairs, going to the loo etc. and this takes a physical toll on me as well as being distressing for him. One of our sons is going to work in Spain at the end of this year, and I really want the other to find a job and move out because his mental health has been badly affected by staying at home to look after his Dad. Our sons need to go and live their lives, but I do not know how I will cope when they do. I can’t give up work, and DH can’t manage alone.
Sorry for the moan! We are very fortunate in many ways, but I am anxious for our future. Thanks for listening.

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Hi Penny,
We’re sorry to hear about your recent difficulties. We can assure you you are not alone and that you will find many similar expressions here in the forum community. We have a wealth of helpful information on our website for carers as well as PWP. You may find this a good place to start. We also have a free and confidential helpline staffed with friendly and extremely knowledgeable advisers who can help you find assistance in your area, and are happy to listen when you need an ear. We strongly advise calling, as they are truly lovely and are always happy to help. You can reach them at 0808 800 0303.
Please accept our best wishes and warmest welcome,
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Hi I’ve had parkinsons for 15yrs I’m 50 wife 59 one of your first things to do is gat in touch with your parkinsons support worker they will be able to help you with what your entitled to contact pduk or on website. There are a lot of medications out there it just takes a bit of time finding the right ones also there is lots of pd drugs to help you sleep and still be medicated at night theses are slow release. Also i have sauna every day and exercise in pool it’s really important to exercise every day and eat the right foods. All best

Hi Penny, Can I send you a private message?


Have sent you a message, regards,

Hi bit scared had a physical examination from a neurologist a week ago after being told by my GP that there was no way i could have parkinson’s. But after an hour of chatting and the examination got quite bluntly told I have parkinson’s whats next

Hi Barticus,
We’re so sorry to hear your diagnosis was not conducted with more grace. Everyone’s Parkinson’s experience is a bit different, but we can point you toward some resources that can help educate, console, and remind you that you are most assuredly not alone. Our website has loads of information, even including older forum discussions, and it’s easy to search using the bar in the upper right corner of the page. Here’s a section for the newly diagnosed, where you may want to start. You will also find a wealth of shared experiences and advice here on the forum, so please feel welcome to join in any of the conversations. Added to this, you can call our team of lovely wise advisers at our helpline, at 0808 800 0303, for all kinds of assistance, from paperwork to medicine questions to finding groups and resources in your area. We wish to be as helpful as possible to you, so please have a look at these tools, and explore the forum community.
Our best wishes and warmest welcome,
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Thanks Jason
Still waiting for my Dr to see me to issue my PD prescription but so far no difference to my daily life. Really thought these symptoms were to do with my degenerative spinal disorder not anything else. I’m not good at asking for help or even organising new things into my work and home life. I always seem to be unable to find time that fits around work as I work 5 days over 7 and only get my rota on a fortnightly basis.