New to the Forum

Hi all , new to the Forum (dxd 7yrs ago aged 40).Live "up North" near the Border.
Married ,ex-firefighter (retired Sep 11) foster carer. Keep fit through regular Tai Chi and running - although , strangely , have severe difficulty walking indoors sometimes !! Intend to keep running as long as i helps !!
welcome to the forum,im li been dx 12 years im 43 years old.i used to run, it was my life.but pd took it away in the end.i dont mean to sound negative towards you and your running,we are all different.i would say keeping fit as possible is the key to pd,exercising as much as you can keeping your muscles moving .i got other health issues so hence the running stopped cus of that to.i miss it loads.anyway there is alot of good people here on the forum,and lots of surport as well,hope to see you around x:smile:
HI JUst to say unfortunately,I do not run bceause to be honest, it takes me all my time to walk! I have the inherited type of PD and I was diagnosed quite a few years ago and I am now 61.Just wanted to say Hi, and Welcome to the forum. I am sure you will soon make lots of friends , and if you have any problems is bound to be someone who knows the answer !
Just thought I'd throw my tupmpse worth in.

I'm 45 dx 10 years after several years mis dxd

I kept fit playing fitbaw I was the epitome of the Scottish goalkeeper, fall down, get up, pick ball out of net while throwing arms out at the sides while swearing at my defense. This too came in handy when mr pd started to take over as falling down came with increasing regularity. I knew my 5-a-side knee and elbow pads would come in handy. Talking of handies I never became good enough to warrant buying a pair of gloves.

My claim to fame is that I became an honorary member of the Christy Moore (my left foot) club by saving a penalty and scoring a penalty in the same game. And yes I saved the penalty with my face.

I was nick-named after Peter Bonneti, THE CAT, however I saw myself more like ARFUR MULLARD. (A Duck). Cos every time the ball went passed me into the net. I said "Ah Duck". Or something like that.

As my old grandmother used to say "Eck", "Give it up, your not very good". Or something like that.
hello , thanks for the replies
Although i can still run , i have problems walking sometimes (especially indoors)but have managed ,since being diagnosed , to run at least a marathon a year - i'm planning to run more ................but it looks like this year i can't fit one in so will have a go at half-marathons instead . Tai chi has been a revelation and now i've started i feel i need to carry on doing it - it really does "work" and helps me to relax , have good posture etc - all of this is due to a superb teacher who won't let me give in .
Hope to chat to you all at some point...........
hi dwl,

welcome to the forum sounds like you might live in the same county as me cumbria as you said you live near the border, i was dx 10yrs ago i also go to tai chi and really enjoy it i am a member of my local support group which organised the tai chi and we also do hydrotherapy as well which is good for the balance, everybody on the forum is here to help when and if they can so once again welcome. sue.
Welcome, dwl2412 -- I also joined the forum recently and have a few things in common with you. Last year I discovered Tai Chi and absolutely love it! The instructor makes all the difference, and it sounds as if you have found a good one. Although I've had PD 15 years, I have reached the intermediate level in Tai Chi classes and intend to keep working toward the advanced level.

Unlike you, however, I am 67, female, and reside in the U.S. My most annoying Parkinsonian problem is using a knife; in restaurants I just request a steak knife now, no matter what food I order.

Well, glad to have you join us. J

Jumpers for goal posts etc.

I remember Christy Moore had a terrific left foot, twas always tapping away as he banged away on the bodhran, a terrific sight.

Peter Bonetti was nicknamed the cat due to his lithe frame and great suppleness that allowed him to reach in a feline like manner the parts others can't reach.

He also suffered from fur balls, unlike Chopper Harris