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Hello. I've lurked here for a couple of months and decided to take the plunge. My partner was diagnosed with PD a few years ago after having the symptoms for quite some while. Luckily he was referred quickly and has received good treatment and consideration from the PD team to which he was referred. He has a great PD nurse and the medication seems to be working. He can still drive, run his own business etc. His main problem is aching limbs and the ever present tremor but isn't letting it rule him. It took us a while to come to terms with it all and there are still moments when I don't know whether we will cope in the future. My main worry is what his earlier pre-diagnosis secrecy might hide. Still onwards and upwards as they say.
hi flowerpower47,love your forum name:smile:welcome to puk forum,im ali,and ive been dx for 11 half years,im 43 years old.there is great surport on here,and very good friends to be glad your hubby and yours self are living in a area were you can have a pd nurse,thery are hard to come by in some countys,which i find so unfair,but thats another story.if there is anything you feel you wont to ask dont hesitate,there will be some community member on here more than welcome to give you advice,hope to see you around flowerpower47:smile:
Hello Flowerpower47.

Welcome to the forum and as alji says you will find lots of helpful information on here and useful tips on coping. You will also make many new friends to join you both through the coming years of life with PD.
It is good to know that you have good care there as that is so important, it's all about good management of the condition and drugs to match. Love the name brings back happy memories of days gone by.
My husband has had PD for thirty years and has his 69th birthday soon so you can see we have experienced a lot of PD and its problems, everyone is different so getting the right regime for him is the main thing to get right. We have had many high's and low's through the years but have met some wondeful new friends and had some fun in the process.
I wish you both well
Thank you for for the welcome. I don't get chance to post often but read with great interest. Compared with some of you we seem to be quite fortunate as OH is nearly 80 although we had realised something was wrong before the diagnosis but couldn't put an answer to it. He started on a Neupro patch now 6mg and this continues with Sinemet plus 25mg/100mg three times a day and Half Sinemet CR 25mg/100mg at night. He also has Madopar 62.5 dispersible to take up to 3x a day if required but takes this rarely more than 4 times a week. He has excercises to do and does them regularly and this seems to help with the morning stiffness. I'm sure there are times when he feels much worse than he says. It was intimated that because of his age on diagnosis the PD may not progress as quickly as in a younger person so for us fingers crossed. We see the consultant/PD nurse every 4 months and can telephone whenever we need advice. I just hope he can carry on driving as long as he would like as I think that if his independence was taken away from him he would deteriorate much more quickily. Onwards and upwards.