New to the forum

I was diagnosed in 2010.

I'm committed to staying drug free (with the exception of LDN/Low Dose Naltrexone) especially after taking a quarter of a tab of sinemet 25/100 twice this past week. Horrible experience...severe altered state, strong  nausea, then fell asleep hard like with a strong sleeping pill. One I am quite familiar with Janice Hadlock's books (have read both books twice)Bianca and Zhineng medical qi gong, Howard Shifke, John Coleman, David Zidd, and Robert Rogers.

I really want to connect now more than ever with others who are committed to clearing the symptoms of Parkinson's without drugs or surgery because it is getting harder to embrace Parkinson's in this wawy due to severity of symptoms.

Here's a little background on me…

Until 2006, I practiced for 30 years as a spiritually oriented psychotherapist with a 25 year professional background in natural medicine consulting that included many years of study in energetic healing, psychoneuroimmunology, and the managing of an oriental medicine clinic for 3 years. I started to receive guidance in spiritual practices at age 17. I am now 60.  In 1992, I started and facilitated for the next 14 years, a residential inner work community called The Sanctuary for Inner Peace which was dedicated to world peace through ending the war within. This community was partly modeled on Gandhi's phrase: "Become the world you want to see". Also in 1992, I received one of the only two honorary PhDs ever offered by one of the oldest colleges of natural healing in the U.S. and shortly thereafter, I was ordained as a nondenominational minister. 

Since 1971, I’d always known I would eventually expatriate from the states, and in 2006, I was invited to come and do service in a community on Margarita Island, Venezuela. Venezuela has some of the worst security problems of any country in South America. Due to having a background in trauma counseling, much of my work here has involved spending time with people who have been robbed and/or assaulted and/or have lost a friend or family member to a violent crime.                                                

I was delighted to finally have a chance to really live and serve in South America, (not just visit it,) however, in 2010, I started experiencing rather severe neurological challenges (Parkinson’s). This caused me to realize that the opportunities Life was offering me through the kind of work I had been doing here were more than I could effectively embrace right now.  So, while my focus is primarily on personal healing at this time, I continue to participate whenever I can in what is known in South America as the Bolivarian Revolution: a remarkable movement that has transformed the quality of life of over 15 million Venezuelans who had previously only known the multi-generational hell of abject poverty.

I suspect that a 40 year dedication to natural medicine, spiritual practice, and psycho-spiritual study, are partly what led me to connect up through the internet with a tiny community of brave souls who have committed to fully recovering from neurological challenges without using drugs or surgery. Inspired by their courage to clear what the medical community solely regards as degenerative incurable illness, I have made the commitment to do whatever it takes to recover from the symptoms of Parkinson's drug free.

It seems that the journey of recovering from neurological challenges can be a wild and fierce gift of grace. Fully embracing the experience of these symptoms, can bring a raw, visceral, physicality to the process of awakening to who we really are which is actually a profound gift IF we also desire that our awakening includes the integration of body, mind, and spirit which I do. Since 2010, this process has shown me that to truly evolve beyond the need for the particular symptoms I am dealing with, requires no less than an absolute reconsideration…  in fact a total "reinvention" and "re-imagining”...of all that we have previously known ourselves to be.

I have exclusively used Apple computers since 1989. I feel utterly certain that if it were not for the genius of Steve Jobs, pen and paper would still be the primary tools of my creative expression because I have never been able to endure the Windows operating system for more than a few minutes! Besides relentlessly exploring Life through my beloved portal to infinity (my iMac), my core interests are meditation, natural medicine, yoga, qi gong, conscious diet, uncovering the connections between personal healing/awakening and the transformation of global issues, all forms of music, independent film, and the process of hopefully becoming a better and better writer.



Michael, I wish you all the luck in the world in trying to stick to the natural approach.

My husband and I have benefited from CBT in managing mental health problems following  problems resulting from his Parkinson's medication.

But if you do decide to try meds again to deal with the problems there is much advice about managing the nausea etc on this forum, also by ringing the helpline,

Much as we would like to believe there is a non-drug solution, we have found Levadopa has given my husband his life back with very minimal mobility or other difficulties.



Hi, Michael,

I read your post with great interest. However, I am not convinced that this progressive disease can be stopped with natural remedies or ways, unless you know otherwise.

I keep reading about all the various medications for Parkinson's and it frightens me to think of all the possible side effects. But surely there is no alternative, as the disease would sooner or later get worse without the drugs to relieve the symptoms.

I too don't take anything just yet. As I have explained on this Forum, my experience with Azilect was not a happy one, so I stopped it.  Shame for me, because it could otherwise be slowing down the disease, so they say. My only attempt at using a natural remedy is to eat lots of fava ( broad) beans, which are in season at the moment. Apparently they contain a natural form of Levodopa, although I have not noticed any change in my arm tremor, so the amount of natural Levodopa must be minimal.

You mentioned Janice Hadlock's books. Are they specifically about natural remedies for neurological diseases? Could you be kind enough to clarify? Thank you.

Take care



Actually I have just gone to Amazon and ordered a copy of Janice Walton Hadlock's book " Recovery From Parkinson's".

I 'll read it avidly when I get it in a couple of days' time. Meanwhile I would like to thank you for talking about it in your post. That is why I love this Forum! We can learn so much from it.




Both are available as free downloads.

Thank you very much indeed, Michael. This is definitely an avenue worth exploring by sufferers who are not on medication yet.



Thank you so much for sharing.

My wife and I will call the helpline today.

Might we also be able to talk with you?


kind regards,

[email protected]

Hi Michael,

I do hope you found the helpline useful.

I have emailed you, so please let me know if I can help in any way.



Hi again, Michael,

Do you think you could be kind enough to join the discussion on Low Dose Naltrexone in the Treatments and Therapies section of this Forum? I am sure many of us would love to hear how long you have been on it and how you are getting on.

I also see that you were going to contact the Helpline on this site. Does that mean that you are giving up on natural methods and want to try Parkinson's medication again?


Hi Anna...

I will sign up at LDN.

I also see that you were going to contact the Helpline on this site. Does that mean that you are giving up on natural methods and want to try Parkinson's medication again?

Great question!

I have "Parkinson's recovery mentors" who are now free of the symptoms of Parkinson's and who are dedicated to natural medicine but have had to use some amount of drug until their natural medicine efforts produced enough results that they were able to titrate down to minimal or no drugs at all. I have been really pretty dysfunctional for more than 2 years now, and if I didn’t have the rather unusual lifestyle that I have, I might have had to consider drugs before now. That said, I take Janice Carlton's "Once Upon a Pill" extremely seriously and will be approaching these drugs with formidable caution.

Incidentally, the absolute best book on Parkinson's meds (and I have read a lot!) is: The Parkinson's Disease Treatment Book: Partnering with Your Doctor to Get the Most from Your Medications [Hardcover] by J. Eric Ahlskog. This book cleared up so many misunderstandings I'd had about these drugs.


Hi, Michael,

Thank you for your reply. I think your knowledge of the books written about Parkinson's is amazing!

Like you, I believe in finding out as much as I can on the subject, so next on the list is the book you recommended above.

As far as your link to " Once Upon A Pill" is concerned, I have made a start, but it will take me sometime to read the 600 pages on line. I could print them out, but I would be there for ever.

Good luck on trying some of the available drugs. Let us know which ones you try and how you get on with them.

Do keep in touch.


Hello, Michael -- and a rather late welcome to the forum!

I've been traveling and am catching up with correspondence here.  Your initial post intrigued me.  We don't have too much in common:  I have had PD 17 years now, avoided drugs at first but tried one when my symptoms began advancing quickly.  I'm one of the lucky ones who have no side effects from Parkinson's medications.  Within two or three weeks, the dopamine agonist I took first had eliminated my symptoms!

Since then, of course, the disease has advanced, but adding meds to delay it have helped.  Even after 17 years, I do not exhibit noticeable symptoms.  I credit lots of exercise as well as medication.  And I noted qi gong among your activities; I have been studying and practicing Tai Chi for the past two years and find it tremendously helpful.  The spiritual aspect is valuable to me as well as the practice of grace, balance, and flexibility.  I like to think we can select and borrow from both East and West whatever benefits us.

Sincere best wishes,


Hi J_of_Grey_Cottage!
Glad to hear that you are all sorted!
I’ve been reading a lot of information about CBD oil and it’s made me curious.Do you have any experience with similar treatment?
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“Another test distributed that year in the Journal of Psychopharmacology, (2) utilized neuroimaging on ten individuals likewise with social anxiety who had taken CBD to discover what parts of the mind are influenced. Administering CBD “was associated with significantly decreased subjective anxiety’ and through the neuroimaging, they could see this was because of CBD’s impact on 'action in limbic and paralimbic mind regions”. The limbic system is generally in charge of our emotional life and formation of memories.”

Do you think this can help Parkinson?
Can anybody share his real experience with CBD oil?

I wish you full recovery. A friend of my has been studying and researching about Parkinson’s disease and she recommend me this article, it’s about about how CBD Oil can help people with Parkinson’s Disease and i really want to share this to you.