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What to say about me; well i'm 42 years old and live in sunny Lancashire. I have been diagnosed 6yrs this month. However i had been suffering symptoms for some time prior to my referral to a neurologist. I was trying to ignore it hoping it was all in my head (so to speak). Unfortunately I knew exactly what it was as both my father and my aunt died with early onset pd. The road has become shakier and shakier since then but i'm happy to say i'm still on it at least and still smiling!

Keep Smiling!big grin


like you said pinkytoo...your still on it , and smiling ...keep your chin up ,best you you have been ..fair play ...

Hello pinkytoo, keep on smiling big grinand continue to stay on this shaky road. 

Regards Helen big grin

Hey pinky 

welcome to the house of fun ! Life is like a road and your going for a very long drive sure you'll hit bumps on the way but who cares just enjoy the ride and try not to do to much damage on the way  , gosh I can come oot with some s..t  aw well you know what I mean take care 

all the best Ian 


You make me smile, big grin


 You are coming out with them today! are you on the squash? I even read that post with a scottish twang hahaha quite the comic!

I'm going to change my name to centipede, you got me thinking a centipede with size 8 feet. What a racket 

Rachel x

Well Rachel 

what can u say if you were a centipede your poor hubby would never get you oot the hoose you'd be all day choosing your foot wear . Am no on the sauce but if I dina  get on with neuro on Tuesday a will be !!  Roll on Tuesday  your aright barny ! 



An appointment with your consultant should be a positive one, you should feel that each stage you go through with this disease the professionals will know what they are doing and help ease it. You don't sound confident that this is the case, so far my experience i cannot fault. I really hope you get the help you need on tuesday.

Best of luck


Hi Rachel  

hows it going the night ? Hope your well and managing all right , neuro for me tomorrow yippee !  Waited a long time for this ,am not doing well my legs don't work very well and haven't since dx so that's why am not positive just don't want to wait another long time for a lucky dip of med . Boring you now !  ,you must be happy now not struggling with work . Just try and stay away from shoe shops eh !! And no more cushions the poor hubby will have no room to sit doon ha ha take care o yourselves 

all the best Ian xx

Hi bethankit

how you doing not heard much of you on here , am great just now , that looks a pretty rough housing estate you live in there , you say I made you smile well job done stay happy , it's a great life o yes !!!!! 

Tooraloo ian xx

Hi Ian, 

Oh no its lovely look at those beach huts. 

Yes you make me smile you always seem to be very jovial. 

Where about are you based? I'm in Aberdeen  but planning to move back to my home town Lossiemouth, 

Always look on the bright side of life. ☺

I used to be on here a lot but for a wee while I thought I'd just read the posts but now its time to be more active. 



Aye hello helen

Grand to hear your so close , Lossiemouths a Bonnie place too , I don't actually speak Doric I'm as Inverness spoken as they come ,and sharper than I let on but there you go we don't know anyone ha ha !!!!gee whiz great to hear from you

very best Ian xx

Where are these days Beth?? 

Where are you my lovely people