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Hello and good evening everyone.
A little back ground about my story.
My dad was diagnosed with PD when he was 40. It started with a lack of arm swing and none movement of fingers on one side.
Unfortunately my father passed away at 59.
In 2016, whilst at the gym, I noticed how weak my left arm was lifting weights. A few months later, at my wedding, I noticed I couldn’t seem to get my arm to move properly while dancing.
Fast forward to now. I have noticeable slowness on my left side. My shoulder doesn’t move properly and now I seem to walk with a limp. My foot seems to slap the floor. Although it is better when bare foot.
I have been twice to a neurologist, he’s saying dystonia and offered physio. I’ll be honest, I’m not convinced. My dad had 4 children, 2 older and one younger than me. None of which have any symptoms or signs as far as I know.
I’ll be honest, I’m terrified after seeing what my dad went through.
Apologies for the essay.
Thanks for reading


From what you said and how obviously worried you are I think you need to get a second opinion from another neurologist. At least you would know for sure!! Best of luck and try to keep positive


Hi Don, t know if this helps but I, m 9th one of my family to have parkinsons so it can run in families I would advise you to get a referul for a dat scan and a second opinion good luck


Hello @MAB54

Just before I was diagnosed my husband was very persistent after my original neurologist was reluctant to say whether I had Parkinson’s so he made a nuisance of himself That the nephrologist the end end refered me to a more senior noerologist who finally referred me for a scat scan.: then after all that we waited and waited for the result and when my daughter chased them up his secretary told her they had the results but there was nobody there tio post them. I was dumbfounded my husband did his usual trick and had the a couple pf days


Thanks for the replies, really appreciate it.
I’ve noticed my walk is a limp more when I’m in public or have been sat down for a while. Took the dogs out today and it was none existent, I walked normally. Wearing my work boots make me scuff my left heel.
Also, when I first wake up I don’t have issues with my arm but after a few minutes I do.
It’s all very strange and I know I shouldn’t self diagnose using Google but it’s hard not to. I’m using my symptoms and my dad’s diagnosis as a guide.


Hi @MAB54,

A warm welcome to the forum. I see you’ve already received some great advice from some of our members which is great. It’s completely understandable that you feel scared about the prospect of being diagnosed with Parkinson’s, especially as your father had it too,

However, I have to agree with @LWYMI, I think it will be beneficial to you to get a second opinion in light of the most recent symptoms that you have described. If you’'d like to discuss this in more detail, you are welcome to give our helpline a call on 0808 800 0303 from Monday-Friday: 9am-7pm, Saturday: 10am-2pm or email us at

Best wishes,