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Hi there. I am new to this forum & welcome the opportunity to discuss my symptoms. I have been having worsening problems for three years. Tremors, anxiety, electric shock like pains in my thigh which radiate down my leg when tapping my thigh. This really is an uphill struggle trying to get my GP & Neurologist to listen & believe that my condition is getting worse. I am sixty & am now losing my balance & occasionally I fall over causing further distress on my body. I take prescribed quinine for the awful night cramps which work to a limited extent. My body is in constant tremor & as a teacher it is getting increasingly difficult to hide. Some days the fatigue, particularly in my calf muscles is so bad I struggle to walk. If I do push myself the burning in my legs after doing any form of exercise gets so bad. As I write this I am lying down & my legs are twitching away. I now have symptoms in both sides but prominently down my right side. I have a Dat test next week. On the one hand it will be a relief to get a diagnosis but also scary of what lies ahead. Sorry for the long post but I welcome any comments from fellow sufferers. H

Hello Hklow this Tom from the USA. I am new here as well. PD effects us all in different ways. Some symptoms turn out to be from other physical ailments. I always hear in the UK that there is a nurse that helps assisted in your health care. Some of your symptoms sound like they could be a spine problem. (femoral nerve or siatic nerve).
There are allot of things that point to PD like lose of smell, Constipation, Rem sleep disorder, restless leg syndrome, sleep apnea, insomnia that is not caused by pain (having to get up to urinate often never emptying your bladder all the way)nag even being light headed because of low blood pressure. By no means am I a doctor. But if you have a nurse consultant, before you talk to her write down all your symptoms. Make the clearest possible picture what is going on. Even tell them if your handwriting has changed for the worse. Good luck to you. Nothing worse that not knowing a diagnosis.