New treatment


On Friday, December 21, 2018, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved Inbrija, an inhaled levodopa powder, for the treatment of “off” episodes when Parkinson’s symptoms are not well controlled with oral medication.

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Hello Dave I just read in a earlier post of someone else on this forum saying they couldn,t get a diabetes drug through your government healthcare. Well here in the states we always here that in England you have better care than we do. Health care is really dictated by money In America. Our insurance companies tell us what they will pay for. My experience that with the new drugs in the USA. Almost always takes yrs. to become generic before the insurance companies will pay any money for it. It takes years for the pharmicutical manufacturer to get thier big profits back. Only the rich that can pay the high cost getting the benefit of the new drugs. I am just giving you(IMO) an honest answer. It has happened to me. Hopefully Your Parliment is different and money has less influence on thier decisions.

It. takes years