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It is hours away from 2016 and yes I should get a life but well things are kind of on hold as my mum has parkinsons and each day it seems to be getting worse; her balance has gone, her memory is fading and we (I) are becoming desperate. I am sorry to be posting such a topic on NYE but I hope at least it can take a positive and optimistic turn; what new therapies are in store for 2016? how is research progressing? I am very excited about the new stem cell clinical trials about to commence in Oz soon and the results of Tasigna and Parkinsons - soon heading into clinical trial 2. Does anyone have any more info regarding how things are going? Anyone taking part in clinical trials that are looking promising? Anyone got any thoughts on Tasigna.. im intersteted to hear everyones feedback.

This is definetly a journey- my mum is 5 years diagnosed and it has struck through us all like a tsunami... 

Forever the optimist- as being anything else is just to terrifying- I think the future is getting brighter and full of things to be positive about.

I am wishing you all peace, love and hope for 2016.

(I will now go and join the normal people and celebrate NY......prob by sleeping)

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Optimism is a wonderful thing!

It may be the night when one is supposed to stay up and celebrate, but I've got a terrible cough which I will try not to share, making me feel about 306, and need to go to bed early. I'll be awake at intervals to check that 2016 gets off to a hacking, I mean cracking, start!

Happy New Year to all.

And a very big wag from Eddy the black doodle to Albert the chocolate lab!



Hi JB78

Optimism is the best policy ,I don't know much about new treatments but alot of research goes on ,gene therapy using viral vectors has had some exciting results but needs a long period in testing to see if there are unforeseen  consequences to changing dna . Stem cell trials go on as well and offer promise as well as an impressive GDNF trial at the frenchay hospital in bristol . Vaccines are also in development against Alpha Synuclien the likely culprit or not !!! There is even trials of a leukemia treatment drug that has been demonstrated to breakdown lewys bodies .Other trials involve diabetes drugs and nicotine that show some signs of extending on times and cannabis is in there to  ! 2015 saw the introduction of Rytary in the USA which is apparently effective but don't know when its coming here. In your mothers situation it is probably worth considering some of the existing treaments that can be useful such as duodopa and DBS as well as techniques for extending effectiveness of standard treatment such as entacapone .Exercise is also highly effective real benefit can be had from exercise bikes and my boxing for parkinsons class has got several people out of their mobility scooters ! Lets hope 2016 keeps making progress , check out the research section of this site .Happy New Year .


-Hope its ok with site to post the below link to an article and video of PWP using a bike the contrast is spectacular never underestimate what you can do !


hi supa

             yep im full of cold my daughters passed it on to all of us !  big hello eddy razzbeen in bed all day legs feel aching ,hips ,throat sore ,nose cant breath but best of all alberts been by my side all day ,wife at work kids in bed hangovers ! lol yeh thats great viewing the pd and bike made me get one ,out in summer tho ! iceni


Hi everyone,


thanks is for all getting back to me. It's great to connect with others out here. Special thanks to iceni for taking the time to detail all the current research that is going on.. I just need to put my mum  permanently on a bike and the whole problem would be solved! 

Now i am on this forum I will be checking in more often.. Btw do you know how long clinical trials take to pass through ? In the case of Tasigna , the leukemia drug, it is already in the market.. So how long should that take- all going well of course?


many thanks again everyone and happy 2016!


Hi all,

There is no standard length of time for a drug to complete clinical trials. It varies depending on both the drug, and the types of trials needed to confirm that it is safe and effective. Normally it can take decades for a drug to go from trial stages to being put on the market.

Using drugs such as Tasigna, which are already on the market, helps to speed up this process. As approved drugs have already gone through the clinical trial process, it means some of the early safety trial stages can often be bypassed. This repurposing of drugs is key to our new strategy. We hope it will allow us to bring new and better treatments to people with Parkinson’s in years rather than decades.You can find out more about our strategy on drug repurposing here:

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