New with the elephant in the room

Hi everyone,
I am 57 and I have recently had a diagnosis of Parkinson’s confirmed by Neurologist after a long wait to see him, I live in NI.
I have tremor in thumb and after more reading my long standing painful shoulder, general stiffness and poor sense of smell seem to be related.
Not on any meds … ye, Neurologist feels better to play waiting game for now. Waiting for PD nurse appointment… Just feel overwhelmed and don’t feel I can talk about it yet. My partner , a Doctor, ( I don’t know if this is a positive thing or not.) is watching me for any changes, trying to be supportive but doesn’t want to discuss it either so at the minute we’re ignoring the elephant in the room. .
I am still working a few days a month ( Retired due to back problems , luckily able to do this at 55) but do not feel able to share this news with work colleagues, I couldn’t stand the pity looks so in the meantime I’ll keep going even though the stress makes my tremor worse.

From what I have found so far on Dr. Google information is very confusing, for every interesting idea another says the opposite. Have started with Vitamins B,D and E and Omega 3.and thinking about trying Co-Enzyme

Thankfully I am able to walk my wee dogs and go to ladies gym. Neurologist recommended Tai chi ….you tube search ahead for that.

Trying to live for the day but…

enough for now,
regards Linda

Hi Linda and welcome to the Forum. Your partner, whatever job they do should be able to talk with you, it is not a taboo subject to be brushed under the carpet. My advice to you is to carry on with life as you are and don’t change any aspect of it, keep walking your dogs, go to the ladies gym, if need be take up Tai Chi. By all means broadcast to anyone who will listen that you have the disease and see who stands by you and who shy’s away from you(it is these people who aren’t worth bothering with). The thing I keep telling people is to be positive in your outlook and be prepared to make fun of your condition, to laugh at it. Also, do the best of your ability every day. One thing I will say, don’t seek advice from Google as you will only confuse yourself. With regards to Co-Enzyme I would be inclined to wait and see what your Nurse says, make mention of the vitamins and see what they recommend. If you want further information then look no further than this website. If you want to chat about anything then the Forum Door is always open so ask away and someone will give you an answer. You are not alone, we are all in the same boat though not going through the same things as with Parkinson’s there are so many variations. Take care and all the best to you.


Hi Linda,
Google has some good information out there but it is impossible to work out which bits are the good and which are the bad and dangerous.

The main thing to know is - everyone is different.

I was diagnosed 12 months ago and it took me a while to get comfortable with the new situation.
I decided to tell a few friends and everyone I told replied that they already knew someone else with PD, often more than one. It is reassuring that people out there do have some understanding. Don’t be afraid to let your friends and colleagues know.

I waited 6 months before starting medication to give me time to read up about PD. I have read a lot of books but still far from knowing very much.

I have just added Sinemet to my day and so far, the improvement has been very welcome.

Tomorrow is a visit to the neurologist to see if she can see any improvement.

Good luck and best wishes,