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Hello all,

I’ve just been looking around the forum and glad I did, I only know one person with PD and there are so many different angles and viewpoints.  Thanks for sharing.

Around 5 years ago my good friend and The Best Man at my Wedding was diagnosed as having Parkinson’s Disease.

Early 2013, when my daughter announced she had a bucket list and first on her list was to climb a mountain she asked us to join her in climbing Mount Snowdon and quickly agreed that to gain sponsors for Parkinson’s UK would be fantastic for that event.  This event raised £1040 and we completed that in August 2013.

As well as thanks from Parkinson’s UK, they added me to their mailing list and quickly gained my interest with their organised trek up Mount Kilimanjaro.  We’ve targeted to raise £15,000 and think we’ll manage that.

I join in the opinion that Parkinson’s disease will be, if not entirely, substantially aided within my lifetime and I personally feel that I have a duty to help in that effort.  The work of Parkinson’s UK I feel is the most effective charity to help globally with the research required, their sharing of research truly is the way to get this disease under some sort of managed control.

( You can keep an eye on the events if you are in the area at )



Well done PCFella

Thank you on behalf of everyone with PD for your efforts for us and your best man. Chance would be a fine thing to be able to climb mount snowdon in our condition! Have been up there though on the train! Lovely view!




Good for you  PCFella. I once climbed Snowdon (Yr Wyddfa) about 20 years ago, taking the "easy" route up the miner's track. I've had Parkinsons for nearly 5 years now so a repeat performance is out of the question. As for Kilimanjaroexclaim.  I can only dream. Keep up your fund raising efforts. Every pound brings us closer to a cure which I reckon could come sooner than you think.  



Cheers guys.