Hi everyone.

We are new to this forum and this will be our first post. My wife has been suffering noticeable neurological symptoms for about a year, although when we look back there were less obvious symptoms particularly slowing down of walking and balance issues at least a year prior to then. The first symptoms we noticed were stiffness and loss of strength and dexterity in the right hand/ arm, and particularly small handwriting. These have since spread to her right foot and leg to the extent that she has a very pronounced shuffling walk and is very slow moving. She has also developed a very painful shoulder which has a much reduced range of motion. Other symptoms are bladder/bowel issues, fatigue, cognitive issues and low moods (understandable). She has a slight tremor in her little and index finger of her right hand and her arms and legs regularly jerk quite violently when she is a sleep. We have seen 2 different neurologists, the first one was in Nov 2017 when my wife was referred for MRI scans of the brain and spine and an EMG/ NCS. Both of these tests came back clear but the symptoms have continued so we asked for a second opinion and saw another neurologist on 26 th March 2017. He ruled out MS and MND and felt that symptoms were typical of PD and has referred us for a DATSCAN and other specialists. We had ruled out PD originally due to a lack of major tremors but after visiting the neurologist and many hours googling it does seem to fit with her symptoms. I then came across this forum and reading the comments and positivity has been a real source of inspiration to us. I am not certain whether it is appropriate for me to use this forum on behalf of my wife or to use it prior to formal diagnosis but if so it would be extremely helpful if fellow PD sufferers could advise how these symptoms compare to theirs and also any comments of what level of improvement is possible with the right medication and exercise regime. My wife is 53 and has been off work and unable to drive for 5 months.

We are not afraid of the diagnosis (thanks in no small part to reading the positivity on this forum) and in many ways after the emotional rollercoaster of the last 12 months it will come as a relief.

Sorry about the length of this post but we have so many questions to ask.

Kind regards.

Hi there,
Im 52 and diagnosed nearly 2 years ago. Any or all of the symptoms can be compatible with PD. But as you’ll learn no two people with Parkinsons are exactly the same.
Im only on a low dose dopamine agonist /Ropinerol (not for everyone) but im sure once on the right meds symptoms will become more manageable. This can take a while to get right.
Exercise wise, yoga is very beneficial and PD warrior (found on YouTube or a class near you) is great for movement.
It’s all quite daunting but as long as you and your wife are doing something to help yourselves, it can make you feel better about it all.

Many thanks for your reply. It is much appreciated.

In some ways a confirmation of diagnosis of idiopathic PD will be a relief so that we can have a plan to try to make the symptoms better.

Again many thanks for taking the time to reply

No problem. I agree that having a diagnosis, although scary, gives you something to fight against.

Good luck