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I am new to the site and wonder if anyone can help please,

We are looking for a swimming instructor who can teach my husband to swim is there any one out there who knows of someone that can teach hubby to swim we have paid out a lot of money for a swimming instructor but after 25 hours in the water he still can’t FLOAT , hubby really wants to learn .and is very determined .
I would really appreciate your help

Hope you are all well or at least as well as can be expected
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Good morning Sooty

I can see why you are looking for a new instructor , the best way you will find someone in your area is to have a look on the net to see what’s in your area. Or if you look on the carers website they do have links which have lists of people who do different things. I hope this helps and all the beat.

Kind regards Raz

Thanks for responding @Raz1. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @Sooty,

Further to my last message to you, I have spoken to our helpline team and they’ve advised that the best way to find a swimming instructor would be to enter your postcode under ‘find local support’ here - .

Following this, look at the local search tool to see what is in your area e.g. a leisure centre with a swimming pool. The Parkinson’s Local Adviser for the area might also know what is available in terms of swimming lessons. Their details can be found on the same results page from the location search.

I hope this helps!

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Thank you very much I will look into it x

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Thank you so much for your help ,I will certainly look into it for hubby.
Have a lovely weekend xx