Hi everyone my name is Andy I’m 60 years old and I’ve recently been diagnosed with Parkinson’s which came as quite a shock as I was seeing the neurologist for a completely different thing I now worry that in a few years or even months that I will no longer be able to play my keyboard as it’s already effecting my playing
Any suggestions would be appreciated

Hi Andy
Welcome to the forum.
I have not long joined here myself being diagnosed in June.
I am sorry I can’t help you but I am sure there are plenty of people on here that can

Hello Andy
My Husband was diagnosed about 18 months ago and at that time his handwriting was badly affected. The medication and regular exercise have helped him tremendously. His handwriting is back to normal and all symptoms are kept at bay (until he’s stressed and then some return temporarily). We both genuinely believe that without the exercise he wouldn’t be doing as well as he is. He sees a Neuro Personal Trainer twice per week and is stronger and fitter now than he’s been in years and more importantly his mood is back to normal after a period of being very down. I’m not saying that this will work for everyone but I feel that it would be worth trying if your consultant has no reason why you shouldn’t. It may be that some other form of exercise may suit you but try to choose something that you enjoy if at all possible.

I completely agree. My neurologist recommended vigorous exercise and I saw a neuro physiotherapist who recommended PD Warrior. It isn’t easy and requires commitment but the results for me have been amazing. I can now walk without a stick and my balance is greatly improved. I go to a class once a week and do the exercises every day plus I walk for at least 30 mins. Tribe 360 is worth joining because of the positive feedback.

Hi @Andy58Blackpool. I am fifty years old and was diagnosed five years ago at 45 with young onset Parkinson’s . I guess I’d had the symptoms for about five years previous to that . It took a long time to diagnose it . No - one thought it could be that . I was so shocked and have had a lot of difficulty in coming to terms with it but I have really tried to be positive and had a lot of help and advice from people on this forum . I have been away from it for a long time and couldn’t sleep so thought I’d check in !
What I really want to say Andy is five years on I am still in stage one and working full time as a Chiropodist . I am right handed and the PD has affected my right side first but I am still able to use my right hand . As you can imagine I am using instruments and blades in my work safely and competently. This is due largely to the medication and timings and management . The PD symptoms are then well controlled . My PD is not tremor dominant but I do get a lot of muscle stiffness and weakness in off periods . Providing I take my meds on time (and I usually take them an hour before food ) things are fine . I hope this helps . When I was diagnosed five years ago I wasn’t sure whether I would be still working but I run my own clinic and I’m managing it . Some days are harder than others but I try to keep positive and determined . My very best wishes to you and the keyboard playing .

Thank you all for your replies it’s early days yet so I’ll see how it goes :slightly_smiling_face: