Many thanks for letting me join the forum
I’ve had a tremor in my right hand for possibly two years now , mine is certainly not a pill rolling type of tremor , the rhythm of the tremor varies in speed , when I had my first visit with the doctor she said I can see a resting tremor and a action tremor , I was referred to Walton neurological department 18 months ago and the neurologist said he didn’t think it was Parkinson’s , but was referred for a MRI scan that showed nothing serious , then roughly about 12 months ago I started having really odd dreams some scary ,some funny and most seem to be going back in time too my younger days , I was referred back to Walton and had a phone conversation with neurologist , he referred me to a sleep clinic , I had the test done and showed I have mild obstructive sleep apnea , (14 episodes per hour) , I have a CPAP machine to pick up next Thursday , now my tremor in my right hand is still there and have noticed a slight tremor starting in my left hand , it’s not consistent in my left not like my right hand that is always there until I go to bed , I’ve been suffering from a pain in my left shoulder for sometime with pins and needles down my arm, the pain also is on the left side of my next , I have a appointment with a physio next Friday afternoon , this will be the second time I’ve seen him in 12 months over shoulder problem …
My question is are all tremors associated with Parkinson’s a pill rolling type ? Due to the high cases of covid in North Wales getting to see a doctor is near impossible , my contact with physio next week is over the phone … obviously due to the covid situation I fully understand the situation a lot of people are in …I can forget things at times but I’m not getting any younger so I put that down to age :joy:
It’s just getting me frustrated at not getting any positive answers at the moment ,the doctor told me over the phone that OSA shouldn’t cause any tremors
Sorry to babble on
And many thanks

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Hello Meds :slightly_smiling_face:

That does sound frustrating. Hope you get some answers soon.

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Hi @Meds Welcome to the forum. As is so often stated on here, everyone is different there isn’t one thing that defines a Parky sufferer. Take me, I have memory lapses at times and it’s not because of my age(68), also I dribble(no, i’m no footballer !!), when I walk it looks as though i’m drunk, I do have a resting tremor in my left leg and my tongue has a mind of its own sometimes in that it sometime falls out of my mouth when doing something. Add to this I have a Deep Brain Stimulator fitted which helps with the Parky. So no two people are alike on here but we all do our bit to help people such as your good self. Take care and stay safe.


Thanks Les , that’s good information ,I’m picking up a CPAP machine Thursday , I’m going to see if anything changes after using this , doctors told me the tremor has nothing to do with my sleep problem ,that I find a bit confusing , as I was referred by Walton to get a sleep test done and my previous doctor specifically told me the dreams where connect to the tremor … hopefully will start getting some answers soon

How long can this virus be used not to see people face to face?? :grimacing: Masseuses and acupuncturist are working, There is no excuse. My husband was diagnosed on symptons alone 13 years ago and from what I recall it had to be 3 to tick the PD box. He started initially with a frozen shoulder so I suggest you insist on a face to face physio appointment.
I hope you get some clarity on it soon as it must be worrying not knowing.
All the best Meg

Thanks Meg and totally agree with you , I had a appointment with physio and would you believe it over the phone regarding shoulder problem , because I’ve started on (Thursday) on CPAP machine (due to sleep problems)he’s told me to wait three weeks after starting sleep therapy to see if my shoulder pain eases :see_no_evil: it’s just a vicious circle at the moment and I’m not getting any further ,I honestly can’t see a CPAP machine sorting my shoulder issue out , though I’m no expert ,will see what happens