Hi, I'm David , 57, never used a forum before. Dx last year but had symptoms maybe two years before. Still working as a karate teacher and spinning instructor. Organising a sponsored Spinathon in oct, 5000 miles as a collective around the uk. Location is in Southampton. Anyone interested in spinning a few miles?
hi sensei,welcome to puk forum,im ali,been dx 11 half years im 43 years old.sounds like your very energetic person,im not sure wot spinning is though,could you let me no please?
Hi Sensei,

David Welcome to the forum, you will find a lot of support on here and lots of useful information to help you through the maze of PD.
My husband has had PD for thirty years, he was diagnosed in his late thirties and can still beat people on the wi and scrabble even though he is now in a nursing home as he got too much for me to manage at home.
Our son does spinning so I will ask him to join in,can you give me a few more details of what you are doing or is it just for everyone to join in where they live and donate to the PDUK.
My very best wishes
thankyou sensei for you pm ,i understand now,and it a very good thing you doing for a very good cause:smile: