Hi, I am new to this forum but not to Parkinson's, my Dad has had Parkinson's for 11 years now and over the last 2 years has been getting considerally worse. I have also worked in the care profession for over 20 years so have seen others go through it. I try to be supportive to my Mum (his main carer)and my Dad but come up against a barrier as neither of them will let us (myself, 2 brothers and sister) help them and it breaks my heart to see them struggle on their own when we so badly want to help. :cry:

How do you get people to accept help???????
Hi alig, alij here:smile:welcome to puk forum.i been dx 12 years im acept help can be difficult for some people,my dad was the same.wonted me to do everything for him till i got ill and could not no longer.he had to acept help in the end.i think its a pride thing,and the older the suffer the harder it seems to be.all i could saybis just be there for them,they will come round in the end.offer all the time to do some jobs around there sure they will see sence in the end thst you wont to help, you care and love them.
Thanks ali j, Yeah we do as much as they will let us and I know that they we always find it hard to accept help especially my Mum due to her childhood but it doesn't come easy letting them struggle on their own, but I do say to my siblings let them deal with it in their own way and they know where we are if they need us, as my Dads Parkinson's gets worse I can see that my Mum is struggling more and more due to lack of sleep.
It think I find it hard due to the nature of my Job as I deal with alot of carers for people with Dementia and know that there is so much help out there for carers but when I talk to my parents about it they don't want to know, but they have never talked about Parkinson's to us, it has always been a discussion not to have as they get very defensive
Hi agin i totally undrstand wot your saying.and i feel for both sides,them and a fifficult position to be in.i dont no bout your parents but my dad fought world war 2 front line, and he got so stubbon accepting help from others.heblet ne byt no one else not even me mum.itbis hard to watch people struggle but to me itvsounds like they dont wont to accept the illness as well as any help.i do hope im rong though.and agin if thats true accepting illness is a tuff cookie to.i still stand by wotbi said before as it progresses they will give in and accept that help.try be patient,i no it easy for me to say but i been there simular situation and im sure in time if you and your family carry on doin wot you can,even if they may not showbit i bet they grateful for wot you do now.things will turn out ok.:smile: