Am waiting for datscan to confirm diagnosis. Have taken a long time to have symptoms taken seriously. The only Dr who did not think they were anxiety was the psychiatrist who insisted they were neurological. Meanwhile have lost my job due to incapacity as my symptoms were veiwed as posing a risk to self and others. Am frightened that datscan does not help if I will be sent back to nomans land. Am tired of trying to get answers. Sorry to be so negative in first post.

I think your experience of not being taken seriously/misdiagnosed with anxiety is common - it's certainly what happened to me (minus the psychiatrist bit). 

Datscans aren't conclusive proof of Parkinson's, you need to be properly examined by a neurologist as well.

In the meantime, you could try calling the Parkinson's UK helpline (the number's at the top of the page) - they're very helpful. 

Thank you. I am being seen now by a movements disorder specialist who says pd but needs datscan to be sure. I guess after all this time of trying to explain to all those different drs my problems without any understanding I am a little afraid of going back to the start. My oh keeps reassuring me that I am seeing the right people now and they just need to have a look to make sure of the right treatment. I used to be such a positive person but my confidence has gone AWOL at the moment. 

I got a definite diagnosis after seeing a movement specialist - I'd seen three neurologists prior to that who would only diagnose atypical Parkinson's.

It's a long journey for some - and that's just to get to the start!

When do you think you'll get the datscan result?

(BTW, what on earth is that in your photo?big grin)

It's my sons guineapig Porthos, my favourite. We did have 3bros but sadly lost aramis last year. Datscan in April, consultant end of June! Do you think they might let me know results earlier? It's been such a long road and part of me is looking forward to finding out the results but am also a bit afraid of them being inconclusive. I,be run out of fight if you know what I mean. The GPS are very cuddly when I feel a bit down! IpIigd

Whoops Imean the guinea pigs are cuddly, 

I'd never have guessed that was a guinea pig! Looks very cuddly!

I doubt you'll get your datscan result before seeing your neurologist, I think they prefer to see you to explain the results to you.

I suspected that may be so. Àm glad to have been allowed on forum. You guys are a great inspiration and haven waited to get this far I'm sure I can wait a little more.

I'm a fraid this is a waiting game. I too had to wait months before I saw a consultant. I was finally  dx last June after much hanging about. In a way it gives you time to adjust. Enjoy t he good stuff !