hi im new to the forum my partner has to to get hand tremor in one hand going for mri scan on 1st of june they are saying probably pd i am worried any help thanks
Hi, Kitten04, welcome and do not worry it not good to have PD, but it not the end of the world. With the right advice and medication your partner could carry on as near normally as possible. Mshlati
thanks i just wondered long term what effects it will have
kitten04, I was only been diagnosed about a year ago, but I am sure there are a lot of people can help you with that. I also have neuropathy, but I am determined not to let it get me down. mshlati
keep calm. pd is usually a very slow process. there are many new treatments in the pipeline over the next 5 years. there is every likelihood you and your partner can have a reasonably normal life together. its a big shock, but don't assume that yesterday's future is today's.
Welcome, kitten04!

I'm one of the pwp whose story can give you hope for your partner. Of course, each individual case follows its own course, but most of us find PD quite slow-moving. I first had symptoms about 16 years ago, was dx 11 years ago. Today I take rather a lot of medication, but I'm still living my normal life: hiking, playing the piano, managing my own household, working out at the gym. I hope your partner will also be fortunate in getting good care and slowing the progress of PD (if that is the final diagnosis).

Best wishes to you both!
thanks everyone
hi ya,welcome to the forum,im ali been dx 12 years,im 44 years old.everyones rite ,live your life try not to look in to the future to far,cus negative things will come to mind specially if you read to much in to pd,cus your partner will have many years ahead ,this disease is very slow disease.there is wonderful people hear on the forum and of course the helpline,willing to give as lots of advice,please ask anything,someone will be here to answer,honestly.:smile:
Hello kitten04, fear not the drugs available now are very effective,and if it is PD its not the end game,you will find the optimum dose and stability follows.
There is much to learn and at first it can be a bit scary ,but if you have anything worrying you someone here on this forum will help you.
Best Wishes Fedex:smile: