Newbe to parkinsons

Hi just a short intro, to ensure I’ve got this post correct. I’m 65 coming 66 (so old git). My story, earlier this year my walking, already hampered by knee and hip problems became worse, balance was becomig poor. I’d had a couple of near misses and head butted a radiator on way to floor and my stutter on foot movement became increasingly noticable. Saw GP and was then on fast track for CT Scan and after that GP started me on meds initially a low dose Sinemet (12.5/50 3x daily). That gave instant if short term relief. Next visit to GP dosage was upped (25/100 3x daily). Again improvement but not perfect so we experimented again adding an extra 12.5/50 at bedtime. All change again and started on Co-Careldopa (25/250 2x daily) and Lecado (200/50 slow release 1x daily,at night ). Only bad side effect nausea and occasional barf, despite taking anti-emetic which had the interesting side effect of causing nausea/vomiting.
My guess is my Parkinson’s probably started 2018/19 and steadily becane worse until late spring 2021. Hidden by work related joint injuries, the afore mentioned knee and hip problems. Now I’m on the Co-Careldopa/Lecado mix, my movement is much improved. Now I am more able to go out rather than be stuck indoors.
For my sins I was 31 years in Ambulance Service 20 of them as a Paramedic before medical retirement in 2013. I’m hoping I can find more ways to improve or at worst stabilise my condition whilst hoping for research to come through. One wee problem, on guitar, my fret fingers seem to be a bit slow, any ideas on helping that would be most welcome.
Hope to contribute more in future

Hi and welcome to the forum @Katsoft. You’ll find this a friendly and supportive place so keep those posts coming. It’s good to hear that you’re getting some helpful medication right now. You’ve already discovered that it can take a while to find the right ones in the right amount, Let’s hope you can benefit from what you’re doing now for quite some time.

How wonderful that you’re able to keep playing the guitar and haven’t give up despite becoming a bit slower. There are other musicians on the forum, and hopefully they can talk to you about they’ve found works for them. You can do a little searching on our website yourself but this article might have an exercise or two that could help.

Don’t forget our friendly advisers who you can reach on our helpline on 0808 800 0303.

Best wishes,
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Hi Katsoft

Nice to meet you. There’s lots of friendly & helpful people on this forum.

I play the guitar too, and find that soaking my left hand in hot water before playing is useful.

Thanks might give that a try mind you I’m a lefty. Only restarted guitar a few years ago when lefty guitars started appearing at similar costs to right handed guitar. I miss the calloused finger tips on my right hand, but a bit of practice will bring them back.

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