hi from north wales.

Hi eddy, good to hear from you. Tell us a little about yourself.

Me, I've been dx nearly two years, with noticeable symptoms for a couple of years before then. My symptoms are mild and I'm still working. But it does get a little tougher as time goes on.

Best wishes


well were do i start first noticed a problem with left arm that started to have a bend when at rest in 2002 or 2003.
i did think maybe i had a small stroke when asleep but was confirmed with Parkinson in 2004 but continued working until October 2005 it properly stated pre 2000 as off road motorcycle racing i would get tired when i shouldn't,t be.
so i don't play golf race motorcycles mountain biking shore fishing etc etc.
i do manage a bit of metal detecting and shooting but tend to leave the dishes to pile up Hoover now and again
my medication is one pramipexole 1.05mg and one pramipexole 2.1mg a day and six stalevo 200mg/50mg/200mg a day.
that is a bit of info about me but that just the tip of the iceberg.

Hi Eddy 

I was dx this month but can trace it back about 4 years ,  mine started with feeling really tired for no good reason and stiffness in legs n hands, ended up with a total melt down at work not knowing who I was or what I was doing, I used to ride bikes on road track raceing n a bit of triles when I was younger , can't ride now as my sense of balance is shot ( due to pd ) .

i walk a lot now to keep fit though that's a lot slower now , am hopeing to go back to work soon but how that will work out i,ll have to see, I'm a HGV mechanic so that's not going to be easy

any way welcome and hi.

   Live well.         Cc

Hi Eddy

Welcome to the forum

I was dx last August at 48yrs old then in September my mother who was 76 was also dx with parkinsons so bit of a double blow for our family , but i can track my symptoms back 4 or 5 yrs  prior to being diagnosed , i noticed a tremor in my left hand which my gp dismissed as anaemia then i started to get very stiff and achy when getting up in the morning and getting out of a chair again my gp put it down to my thyroid problem then last year i developed a very painful shoulder and arm and had a feeling like i was shaking inside so i was finally referred to a neurologist who dx pd i went home and thought about how my mother had the same symptoms she went to her gp and lo and behold she had pd to x