Newbie,diagnosed with msa

Hi i`m colin from south lincolnshire,i was diagnosed with msa in dec 2011 after 2-3 years of symtoms.
many thanks

welcome Colket,

So sorry to hear about your diagnosis, but glad to have you here with us. I haven;t got MSA, just boring old PD but I am sure someone here can answer your questions.


hiya colket,welcome to puk,im ali i been dx with pd for 11 years,im 42 years old.can u tell me wot msa is,ive herd of it but not certain about it please if u dont sorry you have it though,it nice place puk to be,lots of surport here,hope to see you around x:smile:

Ali, why not save both your and Colin's time by typing MULTIPLE SYSTEM ATROPHY into Wikipedia? And if you don't know what ATROPHY is stick it into the dictionary at

dont be so scicastic:rolling_eyes:

Just trying to help. Anyway, I must go and watch Eastenders now. It's all about cancer, I recommend it.

Hi Colket
Can I say how sorry I am that your introduction to our forum has been tainted by the behaviour of some of our oldest members.
I have to agree, Ali, that you should look up MSA before responding but Ray, I don't think MEET AND P*SS NEWBIES OFF is the place to carry on your argument.

Once again Colket, please carry on with this forum despite all this nonsense.


For info on msa go to