Newbie here

Hi folks, Im a 53yr man and just been diagnosed 2 days ago, immedietly put onto Madopor & just started taking it literly yesterday, I have had the DATscan and do have a tremor in my rightarm / hand. Handwriting is nearly non existant and shaving difficult, so much so ive bought a electric razor, we were out with freinds fir a steak the othernight and I couldnt even cut the meat… embarrasing to say the least,
How long and how effective is the meds ? Will I be ‘normal’ again? Bit scared of whats coming TBH

Hi There - welcome to our forum. We’re very sorry to hear about your diagnosis - our friendly family should be able to offer you some amazing advice. We’re also here to offer you any support should you ever need it, definitely give our helpline a call on 0808 800 0303 and we can help where we can.

Hi. Welcome to the forum. I was diagnosed at 64.

PD is very variable, so one person’s experience isn’t necessarily a reliable guide to what you are going to experience. However, in the early stages of PD, the vast majority of us seem to be able to get rid of the symptoms through medication quite successfully. So, expect the Madopar to work and your symptoms to improve.

I strongly recommend asking your GP to refer you to a neurological physiotherapist. Since diagnosis I have benefitted enormously from physio.

Good luck.