Newbie here

Hi i am new on here. My dad got diagnosed with parkinsons a few months ago. I do not know much about the illness. I have read all the information booklets etc but would like to chat to real people and their carers, friends etc. My dad is on no medication at the moment. He has mild pd his neuro said. But in the last couple of weeks he seems to be getting really anxious and forgetful. Its like my nan was when she was showing signs of dementia. I do not know if this is early signs of dementia or a symptom of pd. I will give you an example. I booked a trip for us to ireland for st patricks day and we are going on the 16th march. My dad rings me every day asking when we are going and i tell him but he forgets then afterwards. Then he rung me last week on sunday thinking we were going that day. He is getting very stressed and anxious about this. Is this normal for pd. I would appreciate any help please

Hello fibrogirl

welcome to the forum.  My OH has pd and similar memory problems.  Our GP sent him for memory tests and he was put on Aricept.  A big help. 

Hope you can resolve this for your Dad.  It is a worry for you both.

Best wishes

Thank you for your comment. I have a docs appointment booked for him next week. It would be good if he can get meds to help. Thanks

I posted on your other page.