Newbie Intro

Hi to everybody,

I wish I could say that I have been diagnosed with PD, that has not happened yet....and god willing it might just be a case of pseudo Parkinson' least that will go away once the route cause has been found and the right medication.
I have had to live with far more life threatening health problems than PD; in angina and asthma, so you learn to live and cope with the conditions. My reaction to having the symptom's without the label would and is exactly the same. Live, adapt but most of all make the most of the good periods while you can.
I would hate to sound complacent but there has been one aspect of my condition that may yet to prove a blessing in disguise:

While having a delusionary episode that has lasted about 6 - 7 weeks; I had this overwhelming feeling that I had a visitor with me in my head....she was a Russian girl who lived from 1848 to 1864 and she died under tragic circumstances....She could not speak to me ( it would have been futile anyway...beacause I don't speak Russian and she did not speak English) so all of the conversation was done using imagery Most of it disjointed. Until eventually it all became clear and the full story emerged. her name was Andrea, and she was desperately looking for someone to unravel a mystery that caused her great pain....a possible reason why she could not move on. She chose this vulnerable soul as a conduit...simly because that vulnerability makes more receptive. I must have helped her find the answers...I woke at 4 am in the morning sobbing my heart out. Whether this was an emotional release from a delusionary state or whether the final piece in her jigsaw was just so sad...I now have a basis for a novel; which has already been written in my head and the first three chapters on paper....oh by the way I wrote those first three chapters in just 4 days.

The remaining chapters have still to be written until a literary agent comes forward and says this has got legs.....thats the only way I can be sure that I am still not in a delusionary state.

I will keep you all informed.



ps  I think was a lighthouse keeper and wrote a book called Star of the Four Kingdoms but I will wait till somebody comes back and says I did before I full commit to it.