Newbie on the block!

Hi everyone - I’m new on here - i’m 62 and live in West Sussex with my lovely husband - I have three sons who are all grown up and two beautiful granddaughters. I was diagnosed with PD in 2013. However, over recent months I have been having nightmares where I wake up screaming the house down - my husband hates seeing me so distressed. Is there anything which can be done to stop them? I am now frightened to go sleep. Any suggestions please.

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Sounds like a REM sleep disorder. I was prescribed a drug called clonazepam which does the job. Your neuro would normally prescribe it, but your GP may have the authority. It also does wonders for my insomnia.

Hope this helps

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Hello Trish, Like you I live in West Sussex and was diagnosed in 2013. My neurologist works out of St Richards and she prescribed me clonazepam, more for anxiety than sleep disorders. So saying I do fortunately get a good nights sleep. Have a word with either your consultant or your PD nurse, they are all very nice and helpful.

Hello ojs - thanks so much. will definitely follow up

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Morning Trish, I am also 62 this year and have a very supportive husband. I was diagnosed three years ago and have suffered bad nightmares, I act out my dreams. They do seem to have become less frequent but they are scary, hopefully yours will become less often as well. I hope so.