Newbie Saying Hello

Hi ,

I am 42 years old and earlier this year I was diagnosed with Young Onset Parkinson's, 

Devastated then and 6 months on I am no further on. 

I have registered to try and get some perspective in my life. 

H Joanne,

                 Like yourself , I am a newbie here( although a bit older, if that makes any sense)

       Surprised no-one has replied as yet  to your post , there is a lot of info to be had regarding meds/ benefits and side effects  of them too.

        as for perspective I am not sure, everyone seems to be different but original  with this (PD) ,guess they would have found the 'magic bullet' by now if we were all the same.

    Stay safe for now and  keep those dimples face

Aye aye Joanne and benny 

welcome to the forum of fun eh ! Aye you read it right life's to short no to take things lightly after all your gonna live a long time yet , only the good die young so cheer up and best foot forward . O yes be happy you do have so many good things ( sight sound smell mobility speech ) focus on what you do have and not what you don't  keep posting problems as well someone will answer you 

good luck 


Hi JoanneG and benny-fishul

   Welcome to the wonderful world of Parkinsons , Iv been dx 2 years symptoms about 5 years prior to that ,

  this is the best place to get info about pd and there's not much that someone has not had , a good sense of humor and patience is the best way of dealing with day to day living with pd , though it can take a while to come to terms with being dx , ask all you want to know but don't look to much at what might be as we all progress differently so what happens to one may well not happen in your case.

  Best advice is live as normal as you can stay fit and active take each day as it comes, and enjoy life to the full.

  Anyway welcome again   Live well.  Cc

Ian, PMSL ,or is it the lack of pills thats done it.........You need to take up a counsellors role.......brilliant , absolutely brilliant sense of humour.

    Here's to You and the Petulant Child that is pd( lower case 'cause that is where pd  should be).....Colin

And so say all of us , nice answer there very well worded give yourself a pat on the back Cheshire Cat 

Aye Colin if you like a bit of a laugh go to posting new to group we are all waiting for your posts 

good luck ian ( Lord of the highlands ) 

also professional haggis hunter !! 


   Evening  Cc,

                       Thanks for advice, I  really struggle to make sense of the whole thing, however have decided to not give it , pd, anymore of my 'quality time'...... It may want to be a squatter in my brain, but it will be on MY terms ...........




Hi Joanne & Benny-Fishul (like the name)

Welcome both, and good advice to you from our resident wise pussy cat Cc, keep posting and try other sites on the forum Social and Creative (if you like good poetry) or join in the chats on New To The Group, if you can't beat em join em!

All the best in your conquests - Sheila x 

So sorry you feel so lost.

send me a message and I will reply.

i have been diagnosed since June.

Hi Joanne (and all). It seems everyone has different symptoms and different reactions to different drugs - and a different perspective. I was diagnosed a couple of years ago, at 42, and am still trying to work out the best approach. I've tried loads of alternative therapies, various medicines, a couple of drugs as well as just ignoring it. It would be interesting to hear how you get on.


       Aye you sound as though your doing no to bad , we are having a really good spell of weather here just now but the geese are flying in formation now and the sap is going back in the trees turning the leaves to some really nice autumn colours, think I will look out for some boots and waterproofs in the shops just so am ready for Jack Frost and snow , things are probably warming up nicely for you folks eh ? The birds will be out the nest now at your workshop now it's a good time of year for you now . Hope your keeping yourself busy in the workshop , if your anything like me it takes me all day to do a couple of hours work !! Hope your timing your Meds well with that bleeper . Another winter sign we have here is the owls at night they don't seem to hoot they make an awfull screeching sound this time of the year mind you they are getting a longer night now as its dark here by seven o clock at night and sunrise is about seven o clock in the morning . Well by the time I post you again kev we will probably have snow on the cairngorm mountains so you take care till I post you later on the year , regards to Mrs kev also tooraloo


Have you got a PD nurse specialist?

Thank you for your kind reply it really helps. Hope you are ok.


Hi there,

Hope you are well. Thank you for your reply. 

I do, I have only seen her once so far, she was really really nice and I am due to see her again shortly. It's difficult  because it's the non motor symptoms I am struggling with. 

Hi Joanne 

how are you getting on?

 That's good you have some support from PD nurse.  I don't have one.  

Are you working?  Are they supportive?

hope you are coping as best you can.


this forum is a friendly place to come to and see how others manage.


take care of yourself