Newbie snowdrop

hi everyone im trying to send this for the fourth time :rolling_eyes:was dxd with pd 2008 big shock as i considered myself fairly fit and healthy looking forward to retiring as a spritely pensioner boy did i get that bit wrong :flushed:but 5yrs on im fairly upbeat and still exercise walking yoga exploring new places have tremor left side which is controlled with mirapexin and co benedolpa have been in and out of forum love the poems stories an usefull tips on coping with symptons esp the bloating which ive been experiencing recently myself
looking forward to joining you and more of Turnips wisdom :wink:

Welcome! Here's hoping you keep well and active for much longer! Keep us posted
Welcome to the forum snowdrop, you sound like your managing your pd pretty well, I hope this continues for you. Hope to speak to you again soon.

Welcome Snowdrop,

Always nice to have a new face (well sort of).