Hi everyone. I hope I am on the right page for introducing myself, if not I am sorry but here goes. I am a 57yr old lady who has Parkinsons. I was diagnosed in 2009 but 2 yrs prior to that I had been to see a Neurologist because I had a tremor. There is a family history of ET in that my sister has had it for 15yrs. but last year she also was diagnosed with Parkinsons.I used to work full time as a qualified nurse but due to the what my job entailed I took early retirement on the grounds of ill health. At times it was becoming difficult to do my job effectively so I thought the best thing was to leave. I miss it but sometimes I think how did I ever manage to work because I dont have the time. At present I am GOOD!!! controlled on the medication prescribed by my Cons. I do have some slowness and weakness on the left side but it is not a problem at present. My main activity is the WIFIT. I find it is excellent for my balance ,I go on this twice a day. Exercise is very important to me as it helps my mobility. I am married with 1 son who is 31.
Welcome and thanks for telling us your story. Glad to hear, like mine, the meds have it under control, long may it last.
Hello wifit

A big welcome to the forum . As for your forum name goes I can tell you are into your exercise, good for you, it can only help. I feel sure members on the forum will gladly give good advice.
I was dx at 48 and that was five years ago, still working. I do Suffer with fatigue so rest as much as I can. Housework is no longer a priority. And I have a prominent tremor on my left side. Took me along time to come to terms with PD, however in time you learn to adjust. Hope to speak again.

Best wishes PB
Hi, I think that the wifit is very important to me in dealing with Parkinsons. First of all it is good for taking your mind of things (by the way I like the boxing game but I sometimes find it difficult because of the weakness in my left arm)and secondly I personally think that it helps me when i do the balance and the muscle training. The only problem I have at present with the Wii is it wont lie about my weight!! I am trying to loose a couple or 5 pounds but it is not budging,in fact I am putting it on! I have been using the Wii for about 9 months and I firmly believe it is helping me. Enough of me now going on about the Wii I must be boring you.
Hi wifit welcome I'm pleased to hear your doing ok I'm going to get a wifit for Xmas
I go to a pilates class which has really helped my balance and strength
All the best adrian

Hi all

l wanted to ask  you all  has anyone taken Azilect along with citalopram because my consultant has given me them and I have just checked on the drug interactions and it says you should not take them together . It could have serious consequences in that it rapidly raises the serotonin levels . Greatly appreciate a quick reply . Thanks

Hi there,  I take Azilect {rasagiline} but with Pramipexole so im afraid i have no experience of your combination. I feel ok with the occasional low moment but nothing too dramatic.  Have you read this or experiencing side affects too? If you are having problems talk to you PD nurse or consultant. I think its a bit of a nightmare knowing what to take and when you feel ready to take it. Trust your Dr and trust yourself, its a 50/50 decision.

Sorry i am no help at all , i just thought i would reply so you knew your thought had been seen and heard.

\i hope you get resolved


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Hi wifit,

Please remember you can give our Helpline a ring on 0808 800 0303 (Monday-Friday: 9am-7pm, Saturday: 10am-2pm). Our Helpline team (which includes Parkinson's nurses) will be able to discuss your questions about medication with you. 

Best wishes,

Ilona (Moderation Team).