I am new here, I hope its OK that I join from the states, Texas to be exact, this forum seems to be the most active for Parkinson’s than any, I am soon to be 60 , was diagnosed about 2 years ago. So far not to many setbacks , I am on sinemet now and another I cant recall ,

Hi BR, welcome to the community! We’re a very friendly bunch here so please don’t hesitate to join in with any conversations or threads that may be of interest to you. In the meantime, please do let us know if there’s anything we can help you with from our side of things.

Best wishes,

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Hi @BR
I’m Tommy from Oxford but originally from Scotland.
Welcome to the forum, there’s lots to learn on here with fantastic people and plenty of other things like quizzes or poetry to keep you entertained during the long sleepless nights.
Tommy :pill::pill::pill:

Hello BR, Parkinson’s is Parkinson’s wherever you happen to live and all comers are welcome here. You are not the first American to join the forum and I for one, am always interested to hear of their experiences etc which can differ so much from ours here. Here’s to a long and productive correspondence!

Welcome BR!

Welcome to the club none of us really want to join but one where you are supported by other fantastic PD
Take Care

Welcome to the Forum BR. The thing to remember with this group is that there are plenty of people ready and willing to welcome you and help you with any questions you may wish to ask.