Hi everyone, my name is andrea and I have just been diagnosed with pd. I have a tremour in my right arm and some stiffness but other than that im doing great. Working as a childminder at moment. I have 2 teenagers and a very supprtive hubby. Going to my 1st local pd group meeting at end of month :grin:

Hi Milly68,

Welcome to the forum :smile:I've been Dx 1yr at age 48yrs old! Have two daughters 20 & 22 also supportive hubby. You sound pretty positive and long may it reign! You sound too busy to let it get you down? Hope you get lot's of support from your group, there are lot's of friendly people here who give fantastic advice so hope to see you around.

You don't say how old you are or if you've been advised to start taking meds yet.

best wishes


Hi diane,

Thanx for posting a reply! Im 43 myself, have had the tremor for bout year and a half, was wrongly diagnosed as an essential tremor at start, had an mri in november past, seein my neurologist again nxt month,butnot on any meds as yet. :grin: hopin to stay workin as long as poss, how ru?

Hi!, This is my first time on the forum. I was dx last Nov. My left arm has a tremor and am taking Mirapexin 1.05mg. having come off the 1.57mg. I work in a busy shop and those who know of my cond.are extremely supportive. I have 3 grown up daughters and I live on my own. I have plenty of hobbies/interests so keep busy and have managed to stay upbeat!

Welcome to the Parkinson's uk Forum.May I say, you have the right approach to taking on this illness. But it is not necessary terminal .Parkinson's is not contagious.Also ,only in small sastistics inherited.I am 62,diagnosed when I was 53.I am still very much active doing voluntary work for my branch as well as head office, doing site visits. My advice, from personal experience is take your medication on time.Lead a active life that you can manage. Discuss,learn and advise with other people about your slowly progressing illness.Remember,that new treatments and medications are being found to make life easier at a faster rate with computerised equipment collecting newly found data.That light at the :smile:end of the tunnel is getting closer.

Hi millymolly and tony!

Thx for ur posts, I was a bit sceptical about joining forums but im glad I did. Its nice to know theres other people in the same boat as myself. The hardest part of havinpd for me is the uncertainty of how quicklyslowlyits goin to progress. But I guess everybodys different. Think I will try to stay off takin meds as long as I can, if neurologist agrees

Hi Andrea
Welcome to the forum. I am sure that you will find joining in great fun. You will be amazed at the fortitude shown by a lot of members. I do not think I have met a bunch of people with such a wicked sense of humour. Always remember that there is always someone out there who can help or advise - whatever the problem.
pd affects everyone differently as do the medications. I hope that once you start the medication run, that they will soon find one that suits you. Chin up and keep smiling

Hi chunky,

Such a positive post, thx, im already glad to have made a few forum friends :smile:

Hi Milly, welcome to the forum, I am fairly new to it myself having just been dx on 7th March. I started on meds the day after because I was very slow doing things and felt lousy. Big difference straight away, I now feel fairly normal most of the time apart from a slight tremor mainly in my right leg. The meds also seem to be agreeing with me which is a bonus. I am determined to carry on more or less as usual and beat this thing.

Good luck!


hi milly 68,welcome to puk forum,im ali ive been dx for 11 years,im 43 years old,i have one daughter she is 23 years old.there is alot of surport on puk forum ,and great freinds to be made,love to see more of you around the forum x:smile:

Welcome to our world.

Thanks everyone xxx. :laughing:

Thanks everyone xxx. :laughing: