Hi All,

Well this is my first time writing in here, my dad was diagnosed with Parkinsons about just over 2 years ago.

When he was first diagnosed this was in the space of 6 months between two scans. He was doing fine but I have noticed the last couple of months he is beginning to be a lot more tired and sore.
I really want to get a handle on all the information that is out there so that I can ensure I am there to help him as much as I can and I was wondering if you guys had any tips, advise, information in which you could share with me.


Hi @zara01 and welcome to the forums

Sorry to hear your dad is experiencing increased symptoms, do have a read of our sections on fatigue and pain on the Parkinson’s UK website.

In addition to medication and exercise, some people also find that complementary therapies can help manage symptoms too, you can read more about these here.

We’ve also got a dedicated section on our website for Carers and Family members here and also on the forums here

You can also contact our Helpline and Local Adviser Service for a chat, our trained advisers can provide practical and emotional support for you, your dad and other family members too. You can contact the helpline on 0808 800 0303 , or email [email protected] , the helpline is open Monday-Friday 9am -7pm and 10am-2pm on Saturdays.

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Hi David,

Thank you so much for reaching out to me I really do appreciate it. I will be having a read through all the links.


hi zara01 i have had PD since 2010 due to getting meds on time my PD has kept a low profile, but don’t take any thing for granted each day is never the same, some days i can be really tired and my poor husband gets the blunt of it, then other days my leg ache, when i take a walk some times i can’t walk in a straight line it’s as though i’m drunk.(i wish) I did take up tai chi but due to virus this has been put on back burner, If you have PD they say keep moving so just get yur dad to do as little or has much has he can, just remember it is a slow condition and no two people are the same.