hi there diagnosed august 2011 do not know anyone with pd feel isolated tried excerise classes with local pd but only depressed me more most of the people there elderly in wheeelchairs i am in early stages on patches is anyone outthere
in similar position
Hello ronnie and a warm welcome to the forum.
I'm 46 and was dx about 6 years ago and keenly remember the shock of diagnosis. In my case I went into a sort of denial state for several years. Since I found this forum full of straight talking, warm, knowledgeable, helpful people I feel much better.

I hope you find this place as supportive as I do. Tell us more about yourself, how do you like the patches? You fill find people here at pretty much any time of day.

Elegant Fowl
Hi I can understand that being difficult. Im 46 diagnosed last year. Im just about to join a Working Age group in my area for similar -they seem very friendly. DO you have one in yoru area - you can check on the main Parkinsons site.
hiya im ali i been dx for 11 years im 42 years old.i belong to a older pd group i help run it.i do no wot u mean though bout eleder people,but i get on beter with older people i gueess,and yong ones to.i walk with too sticks and some times have to be in the wheelchair ,but still do exercises a lot to keep movin . i hope you find some surport from the forum and make many friends her ,hope to see you around x:smile:
Hi Ronnie

Welcome to the community. This is a great place to come to get information and to share experiences with other people affected by Parkionson's.

You can find details of younger persons groups in your area here on our website:
Hello and welcome Ronnie welcome to the forum. I too understand your problem, Ive been dx for 11 years now but was 49 when first dx. Like you I went to my local support group, but the people were so much older than me I never went again. Trick could be for you to start a Young Persons Group in your area of course...somebody has to start the ball rolling somewhere. I'm hoping to start my own group in my area because we don't seem to have one, the nearest to me is about 8 miles travel.

I hope to chat to you along the way, Good luck

Hi Ronnie I am sure you will find plenty of help and support here lots of us of tender years :laughing: so welcome.
i joined our local branch and soon found out i was younger than most, i then made the decision that my situation should be used to raise awareness and as such i trained to be a volunteer and now go into care homes doing a 1:smile: hour awareness course for staff. i have also organised sports dinners and social events using local talent, these have raised much needed funds but more importantly to me AWARENESS to audiences that did`nt understand what we have to deal with.

hi everyone just to say thankyou to everyone that that answered my message
humbled by some of your stories just the kick i needed to be more positive
onwards and upwards ronnie
Hi Ronnie, welcome to the forum. Diagnosed august 2011 aged 47. Went to pd group and I was youngest there... Don't know if I'll go back again. Forum good place to get those answers!
hi englishness thanks for message i am 62 everyone else there about late 70/80
have not started shown many symptoms yet apart from hand tremour i live in leeds
would really like to meet other newbies from this area but finding that difficult
had own business so had to retire havent a clue what to do with all this spare time ronnie