Hello everyone. this is a first time on any forum for me. My husband has Parkinson`s and seems to have had it for about 11 years. He has always used a wet razor but now the jerks are leading to cuts so he thinks he should change to electric. The which? site has lots of best buys but I think we need advice from other PK sufferers as to what we should look for or avoid.
Many thanks
Buy a cheaper one, and replace it more often. I have a good old fashioned Philips and they work ok for 3 years, then cause trouble. You should get one for £>35.

Do not buy one from the back pages of the newspapers.
Hi hatknitter.
I only have tremor in the left hand at the moment, I use a Phillips. I find that the three heads covers a better area. I agree that you should not buy the cheap ones in the paper - they are not worth the money. Hope the shaving with the electric goes ok. Sometimes it takes a while for the face to get used to the rotary action after having a wet shave for so long.
Best regards
Hi hat knitter
I have tremor in right hand so I went to electric.but I did find that my right hand was getting weaker because of lack of three heads is good.he won't get much of a shaving rash if he uses Nivea shaving foam it's alot thicker than the norm.although normal blades will always get a closer shave.hope this helps.twins99
i have a phillips three head shaver and it is HORRIBLE and useless. i think it is one of those things that vary from person to person. perhaps i have difficult hair!
Those are for people with three heads, so of course it seems useless.

I opted for a hybrid approach.

A goatee beard which does away with shaving the most awkward 1/3 of the face.

This gets a trimming with an electric trimmer.

the rest still gets wet shaved, my neck still cant tolerate electric.

Or I just trim the lot and go with the stubbled clint eastwood look with poncho, cowboy hat and stogie.
i would love to have a beard, though goatees are for goats and ponces (no offense), but unfortunately i get dandruff of the chin, which can cause confusion when grating parmesan. whats worst is people with beards and no moustache. THESE PEOPLE ARE SICK AND SHOULD BE LOCKED UP AT THE EARLIEST OPPORTUNITY. some of them may be DUTCH!! or ENGINEERS. or FOLK MUSIC ENTHUSIASTS!
That may answer the question I had about my everlasting bag of crisps.

A goatee is very versatile. It can easily be converted from poncy arty farty type into a real machismo 70's porn star tash.

And if you wake up bored during the night, its something to rummage around in for a bit of a snack.
the reply that comes to mind would sully, nay pollute, these pages so I shall, with difficulty, suppress it.
Thank you all very much for your advice. It is good to know that we don`t need to spend loads of money. I like the idea of covering a good area with the three heads and take a large pinch of salt with the suggestion that they are meant for people with three heads. Thank you too for the note that the face takes time to adjust to electric after nearly 70 years with the old wet style.
I`m looking forward to losing the stubbly kiss I feared I would have to get used to.
Love to you all