Hi, this is my first post. My pwp is my mum who was dx ten years ago. She has been living with us for three years. 'Us' is my sister, her dog and my cat. Just recently (last couple of months) mums anxiety has been getting worse as meds wear off - difficulty breathing increases anxiety resulting in fear of death! Within an hour though she is back to 'normal'. Although this anxiety has been with her for about three years its become very difficult for us all just recently. Non motor symptoms seem to be more prevalent with mum than her pd symptoms and we don't seem to get much support for these. Moan over, thanks for being there.
hi witzend

welcome to the forum sorry to hear your mum is feeling like that do you have a pd nurse because i think if you do you need to contact them, also what meds ia your mum on she may need them changed or altered slightly but with pd lack of confidence and anxiety can be a big problem and very hard to control, i was dx 10yrs ago and it has affected my confidence but i joined my local support group and it has helped and i have made some new friends and am now on the committie if you dont mind me asking how old is your mum i am 53 was 43 when dx.
hiya welcome to puk forum:smile:anxirety can be controled ,there so much help out there,gp with meds,breathing exercises,as far as goin to a neuro phsico which helps you to talk about the problems that are effecting you and get help this way.i suffer with anxierty and im sure quite a few pd people do to ,your mom needs to try and breath through the panic attack,bit like when doin breathing when having a baby.i no this all sounds bit wired but belive me it does help.her gp can guide her for extra help can be very tuff on family members ,some people dunna relize this and just focus on the pd sufferer.bringing people togeather to talk about things helps so much,and i feel letting mum talk things out will help her and the family.:smile: