Just wondering does any one know how long you stay a `Newbie`?

Big C x
Hi Big c
It might be about 30 posts but the important thing is your here
talking to other like minded people
I had the same thought after dx but always found somebody to listen/talk to :grin:
i dont come here very often i was avised by my pd nurse i give it a try i tried maybe its just me but plaese try my mob num would love to try to get a site set up were you can contact by text or pne only with pd anytime nite or day if you leave nnum for contact
Hello Dadio, sorry you are having problems sleeping. The Badgers sett is about the nearest to a general chat room on this Forum if you cant sleep. I think there are other Parkinsons sites on the net where people chat to each other more, maybe you have already checked that out. This Forum is fine for getting information but there is not so much personal chat I have found. Best wishes.