Hi There
Iam 46 years old and have just been diagnosed with PD, after also being fobbed off for two years by the doctors saying it was because i used power tools, in the end i paid to go for a private consultation and saw a wonderful consultant who arranged for a DAT scan through the NHS, my only dissapointment was that i received the result in a letter confirming i have got PD unfortunately my wife opened the letter and like myself we were devastated, i think it would have been nice to have been called in and told to my face.

So i have lots of worries for the future IE job as i do manual labour, but every one seems so posotive on here and hopefully i can draw from that

Hi Paul
Welcome to the forum, sorry you had a bad time with your doctors
Mine were better still took 18 month to get dx I was dx last year age 47
I have a truck repair business and have to do manual work and use power tools
It was hard at first but now the meds are working its better I just have to listen to body
and take it easier some days.I know its a terrible shock but hopefully 12 months down
line things wont seem as bad, anyway thats how its been for me.There are some really kind
on forum,always willing to help day and night
All the best Adrian
Hi Paul
Welcome to the forum. Like you have recently been diagnosed, (august). I didn't take the news too well. Still struggling but there is alot of guidance and inspiration to be found here...
Hi Paul what a horrible way to find out about it. I was diagnosed at age 40 7 years ago, and after a couple of years struggling with coming to terms with it and getting meds sorted am now able to do anything. I have completely renovated a house we bought, driven our real Mini round europe, roller blading, the best way to handle it is to have a positive mind.

Hi Paul
That is so inexcusable to be diagnosed by post, good god, I hope one day you feel able to raise it with them and say, "how would you have felt?".
My experience diagnosed at 36 was that my symptoms were manageable for a while but got severe and I really struggled horribly for a time during which i was on meds but not a high enough dose - just as things got desperate the dose increased and I found miraculous improvement - now functioning stupidly well compared to a year ago - what i would say is, if your symptoms are jeopardising your lifestyle esp your work, make a fuss to your doctors, cos maintaining your lifestyle is vital, and you need to be treated according to what is important to you. I learnt in hindsight that maybe i should have shouted earlier however, am amazed at how good things are for now, and making the most of it. YOu have to shout , loud, for what you need, then people might listen. Go for it. You are the expert in you and you have NOTHING to lose by asking.
Hi Paul,

Just diagnosed in September with PD, although I suspected it for ages. I'm so sorry to here how you were informed. I would definately say something to your consultant, but the important thing now is you. Talk to people here on the forum. There are lots of upbeat members out there with plenty of good advice and words of encouragement.
Hi Paul,

What about treatment or medication to manage the effects of parkinson's! Did the consultant also confirm this by post or does he/she intend discussing it with you face to face?

Best wishes

Hi All
Thank you for your replies great advice and glad you are all doing so well thanks again.


PS. Hi bluey re your question i am seeing the consultant on the 8th Nov to discuss treatment.