Hi there! I am Dorrie from South Wales
hi ya dorrie,welcome to puk:smile:im ali been dx for 11 years,im 42,there good surport here and good freinds to meet.i have a static caravan in wales,beutiful views wales has ,lovley place,and freindly people.hope to see you around the forum x:smile:
Hello and welcome from another welsh person . You should get a lot of help on here . If you read some of the posts you will probably find a lot of answers you need .
Thank you for your greetings and offers of support. Where in Wales do you come from?
Newport .Whereabouts are you .
Hi Dorrie,
I am not Welsh but I would like to welcome you to the Forum.I hope you enjoy using the site. I have only joined the forum myself quite recently and I find it very interesting.:smile:
dorrie,ihavea static in wales,the country is beautiful,all of it:smile:
Having struggled up Snowdon (many decades ago) and seen the view across to Anglesey, I can only agree.