Hi, I was diagnosed in August and I am new to the site. So I would like to introduce myself, My name is Jack and I am 62 in about 2 weeks, so hello to you all.
Good Morning Jack & welcome
I hope you will find this place as helpful as I have done.
You will find lots of warm, helpful people who are living with Parkinson's in one way or another.

Elegant Fowl
Hello Jack ,and welcome Regards Angel 4ux
hiya jack ,welcome to puk forum:smile:im ali been dx 12 years,im 43 years old,44 on the 7th of this month:smile::smile:lots of nice people to chat with on here,and very good surport from communty members and the helpline also.hope to see you about jack,take care:smile:
thank you to all who will or have reply to my intro post.
hi jack im new too :smile:and also must thank those who welcomed me yesterday sorry im a bit late getting back and cant find your names :flushed:but i appreciate the warm greetings thanks and jack i hope you find the forum as interesting as i have looking forward to hearing more from you