hi, just thought i would introduce us. my husband has not had the official diagnoses of Parkinson's but as a qualified carer i've had my suspicions and after several trips to the GP and him treating hubby for anxiety and depression. The signs that he has got is stiff arm when walking... at rest tremor... shuffling lopsided walk oh and several falls we was refer the falls team. after an depth assessment they said all the symptoms point to Parkinson's.... we are now being refer for tests etc
lets hope we get it sorted soon. and then hopefully he will be able to be get weened off the anti-depressants
A warm welcome to the forum. Parkinson's can be tricky to diagnose and stories like yours are common. A diagnosis of Parkinson's can be a relief because it brings a period of uncertainty to a close. It is possible to run a DATscan which gives an absolute confirmation but for many/most of us the confirmation comes when/if symptoms are improved after starting meds.
your hubby is lucky to have a qualified carer so close at hand.
I hope you draw as much support from this place and its inmates as I have done.

Elegant Fowl
:grin:Hello there welcome to the forum :grin:
Hello Jzygirl,

Welcome to the forum, I am sure you will find many new friends on here with lots of information for both you and your husband.
Looking forward to hearing how you get on.
best wishes
Welcome jzygirl ( Springsteen fan?)

I too look forward to hearing from you again and endorse what my fellow members have said.
good morning one and all. Even tho it not official i am relieved about about the possibility of hubby having parkinsons because both myself and his sons were beginning to think think he was just vegetating in front of the TV and now we look at the situation with different eyes.oh how guilty i feel for grumbling about his inability to walk round the supermarket with me and nagging him to stand up straight and oh please pick your feet up when you walk..
at least i can say in my defence i kept questioning the doctors dx of anxiety/depression.I am not sitting here smug but i am thinking why was this not spotted last year when we started visiting the doc with a list of symptoms that could of pointed to it being parkinsons.
Hubby is feeling guilty (think its the 22 year age gap) saying you don't deserve this.But i keep trying to tell him i think we lucky cos I'm young and fit enough to cope with what ever is thrown at us.. and not forgetting in sickness and health.