Hi all,Just enrolled, My good lady has Parkinson's since 2005.We had a Parky Nurse on the end of a phone until a year ago, now budgets are such that she has been transferred and we are without now, so feel the lifeline has been taken away, spoken to GP and MP to no avail (quote we are working on it)hope to speak soon.
Hello Roddy . and welcome . Sorry to hear that you have lost your nurse . We have never seen one although there is one in our area


We have been seeing a consultant in the care of the elderly clinic who also covers Parkinsons but he has retired so I do understand what you say . You feel in limbo . I have always felt it wuOd be better if under the care of the nurse and then be able to contact her whenever you felt the need . Which unfort,innately can be often .

Keep a record of how you are feeling so when you do eventually see someone you have it at your fingertips . Good luck and keep posting you should find lts of help on here .
HI Roddy, I guess I am lucky living near Peterborough, I am lucky enough to see a Parkinsons nurse and she is also on the end of her phone line when possible. I also have a great GP too in the village where I live. So I guess I am very lucky. I know in some areas people do lots of money raising events to secure a PN, but that does not mean they will get one. But I feel lucky to be able to see a PN, although I don't always agree with her! Good Luck and Best Wishes Blue Angel x
Hi, Johnnie and Blue Angel nice to hear from you both.:grin:
Got our old Parkie Nurse back, the change in my good lady was quite something,pills have been rearranged,got rid of the shakes so only the Back and the Balance to contend with now:grin:
On top of losing the consultant we have lost the Gp who has been so supportive it is like being in Limbo . Fortunately we have the Parkinson's hot line I actually rang then this afternoon so hopefully with get a return call from one of their Parkinson's nurses ..