Hi, I`m a newbie,never been on a forum before! It`s a bit daunting!
I guess I`ll tell you why I`ve joined. My lovely Dad was diagnosed with Parkinsons
about 2 years ago.The medication doesn`t seem to be making any difference.He barely leaves the house.Had to give up driving because his legs are so stiff and painfull.
He has very little strength to do DIY any more(he was an avid DIYer).He needs the loo so frequently he and my Mum daren`t go on holiday.He constantly falling asleep,even part way through a meal.He gets frustrated at not being able to do the little things ,like putting on a jacket, without help. He`s always been a hard working, no fuss person,who just got on with things.Having to rely on other people so much is very hard for him. He`s quite down at the moment and very emotional.
For my part I worry about the future.His and my Mums.This is hard on her too.
I find it difficult to know how to treat him.I don`t want to do things for him and take away his independance,but I hate to see him struggling.There is many a time I cry when I get home after seeing him. It seems so unfair. He only had 1 year of retirement before he started with the symptoms.
He doesn`t talk about it ,so I don`t like to go on about it if it`s going to upset him.We don`t communicate our feelings very well!But I want him to know I care.
My daughter has twisted my arm to do a sponsored walk with her ,so we feel like we`re doing something positive.
Hope I`ve not waffled on too much!! ( feels good to write it down)
Welcome, JuLu!
I'm sorry to hear of the troubles surrounding your dad's case of PD. I know from my own experience that watching someone you love face a difficult medical issue is just as painful as facing it yourself. And, of course, with Parkinson's we have the additional problem of needing but not wanting assistance.

I just wanted to say hello, but I'm sure you'll hear from other members of the forum who have had similar experiences and can offer sound advice. There are a lot of compassionate and very knowledgeable people here!
Wishing you the best -- J
HI there, you don't say if your dad has seen a neurologist. If he has, then you should contact him/her and tell them that he is not getting nay benefit from the meds,. I am not a medic, but it does sound as if he is ether on the wrong meds or too low a dose.

If he hasn't seen a neurologist and been prescribed by his GP you should insist on a a referral.

Usually, there si a good response to the medication so don't accept the condition your dad is in, especially as it is so different from how he used to be. There are lots of different medications for Parkinson's and the neuro should be trying to find the right one and the right amount and then altering as time goes by and symptoms get worse.

Best of luck to you

Thanks J and Radar for your messages.
My Dad is already under a neurologist.My Mum is going to insist on something more being done when he has his next apt on Thursday.
He`s not one for making a fuss.I`ve got to work on him! He needs a fuss making of him!
He hasn`t even been out of the house this week,his legs have been so painful.
He`s been on medication for nearly 2 years. How long can it take to get the dose/type right? It`s really getting him down.
My fingers are tightly crossed for Thursday.