Hi all

Had a bit of trouble with computer but hey ho:disappointed:. Lets see how it goes I have had pd 4 12yrs. I manage to work full time but some days its a struggle.
I have a great team that I work with who give me 100%. As does my wife and son.

Hi Ricky
It's good to know that you have a supportive employer and family. I think a lot of people here get fantastic support from their families but not so many are enthusiastic about their employers.
I'm keen to hear more about experiences at work and will post a question in the 'employment and benefits' section

Yes its really helpful when you have support of colleagues and family. Although I was only diagnosed last week thought it was best to be open and upfront about diagnosis. My manager immediately organised for me to see Occupational Health to establish if there is anything that needs to be done in my workplace to ensure I can continue in my present post. I have been put on medication and on OHS advise I am working reduced hours for a few weeks to allow for any potential side effects of medication and to prevent me being over tired.
My husband is very supportive and does whatever he can to make life as easy as possible for me. Shopping needs doing so he has organised Online Tesco to save me going out.
i'd just like to say how good it is to have all these new people on the forum with more than 10 years experience. in particular it gives newly diagnosed people a, hopefully, less fearful and more accurate picture of the average development of the syndrome (i feel much better having a syndrome rather than a disease).
Welcome to all you new members,
Gosh it reminds me of when we started this road many years ago when there was a group called Yapper's which was for early onset pwp's back in the eighties.
I am sure you will find a lot of useful information and good support on this forum, including stories of people's great strengths in coping with everything this condition throws at you, boring it isn't.
Just to give you hope my husband continued working for about eight yrs and since then has kept busy with any amount of hobbies winning prizes for his hanging baskets and other flowers but mainly for his photography even winning a national competion.
I wish you all well and good luck