Hi everyone :) I was DX about 9 months ago at the age of 41. I am now on the maximum dosage of Requip XL but my tremor and stiffness if anything has got worse :( I am currently off work with depression ( PS Its the first sick note i have ever had!)I just wondered if anyone else has had this problem and whether they were put on different meds.I still have another 6 weeks before i see the neurologist and the worry of the meds not doing anything is getting to me. Oh well rant over.Thanks for reading .
hi doddy
feel free to rant - you've had a nasty shock after all.
tremor is the hardest symptom to treat - stiffness seems to be more responsive to DAs. Hopefully when you add levodopa, which is inevitable, it will help more. in the meantime, welcome, and nice to meet you.
ps misread your post and missed that stiffness is also not helped. perhaps DAs just dont do it for you and levadopa will.
Thanks Turnip i'll have a read up on Levadopa :smile: